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Bridging, the Mental Kind

Years ago my dentist and I were discussing the merits of flossing one's teeth daily. I defended my sporadic adherence, “I forget to do it, it’s not convenient, it’s not easy to do, sometimes it hurts my fingers, can I just skip the hard-to-reach teeth? Which teeth do I really have to floss?”  He smiled (with beautiful teeth) and replied seriously, “Just the ones you want to keep.”

Muscle Mass And Aging

Marquis Hundley on Mon, Feb 12, 2018 @ 17:02 PM


For many people it is discouraging when they see the number on the scale advance as they grow older, but what they fail realize is that as they're gaining weight, they are also losing muscle. Alarmingly muscle mass begins to decline after age 30.


2018 - Another Diet? Ugh!!!

Another year, another resolution, of which the most common are “I’m going lose weight”, “I’m going to go on a diet”, “I’m going to be more active” and “I’m going to be more healthy”. All good resolutions in general. However, not specific enough to ensure long term success and most likely a key to why many resolutions do not last to the end of January!


Your best U


This is the perfect time of year to welcome you to our newly expanded department, Movement U. In honor of this expanding department and new concept for Body Kinetics, we wanted to share some of the questions we have received.


Coffee Instead of Pre-Workout Supplement: The Good and The Bad

I wanted to write about this subject because I am a definitely a coffee lover and someone who uses coffee as a pre-workout, rather than scooping some colorful powder into my water. We know coffee alone has its advantages and disadvantages, but what about when we look at its affect on exercise?


Hormones and Fat Distribution in Women

For women struggling with their weight, recent scientific findings point to a possible culprit. 

Studies in mice indicate that a single hormone whose levels rise at menopause could be responsible for redistribution of fat to the abdomen. At the same time, this hormone may contribute to bone loss.


Not all eggs are created equal

There are a lot of buzzwords out there surrounding eggs and the hens they come from. Omega, organic, cage-free, free-range, pasture-raised, farm fresh, or just simply Grade A/AA eggs, are some of the many words used to describe a carton of eggs, but what is the real difference between them all?  It’s more complicated than you might think! 


Stretching Before or After a Workout?

For some stretching and exercising is the perfect combination. For others stretching does not come naturally. For those of you wondering "When is the best time to stretch?" -here are a few things to consider.


Sacha Inchi: Superfood of the moment

Kale, Coconut oil, green coffee beans, and chia seeds... It sees that every few months there is a new nutritional powerhouse that's all the rage! So who's the next superstar? 

Perhaps the Sacha Inchi Seed. A native of tropical South America, the Sacha Inchi seed or 'inca peanut' is harvested from the low sugar fruit of the perennial plant known as the Plukenetia volubilis.


October 2017 Member of the Month - Body Kinetics Novato

Member of the month: Mary Cunningham
Personal Trainer: Lisa Palma, CPT, NASM, PWR! Exercise for Brain Change Instructor, Z Health Essentials

What were your goals when you started? I was primarily interested in improving my flexibility and strength. I sit most of the time for work and was finding myself getting stiffer and stiffer every day.



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