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My passion is to guide people on a journey to a healthier lifestyle while gaining strength and confidence. I am dedicated to helping others reach their goals and feel accomplished. My teaching experience began in college teaching children how to swim. Nothing is as personally gratifying as watching a student master a skill you have taught them. Growing up, I loved competitive swimming, volleyball, and basketball. As a trainer, my real passion lies in strength training and helping others find beauty in their strength.

30 min Hotel Strength & Sweat Session

Kayla Burton on Fri, Aug 17, 2018 @ 13:08 PM


I get a lot of requests from clients and gym members alike for a workout routine they can do while they are traveling. It can be tricky to create a routine, especially if you are limited on equipment or are not sure what kind of “gym” the hotel you are staying at will have.


Coffee Instead of Pre-Workout Supplement: The Good and The Bad

I wanted to write about this subject because I am a definitely a coffee lover and someone who uses coffee as a pre-workout, rather than scooping some colorful powder into my water. We know coffee alone has its advantages and disadvantages, but what about when we look at its affect on exercise?


6 Reasons Why You Need Deadlifts In Your Workout Program

Kayla Burton on Mon, Jul 31, 2017 @ 15:07 PM


I need to start out by saying that deadlifts are my absolute favorite strength lift. Sure, squats are fabulous, mastering a chin-up is an impressive feat, but nothing quite jazzes me up more than successfully picking up something really heavy. As a female, it's even more empowering. Although a deadlift is basically a "pick something up off the floor" movement, it's much more difficult and complex.

Benefits of Sprinting/Speed Training for Non-athletes

If you are an athlete, your training regimen will most likely look quite different than a middle age adult who is looking for weight loss, muscle tone, etc. But why should it? People most often associate speed and agility training with sports and athletics, and if you don’t think of yourself as an athlete then you are most likely not going to incorporate speed and agility training such as sprinting.


Inflammation: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Written by Kayla Burton, Certified Personal Trainer at Body Kinetics

I chose to write around the topic of inflammation because I think it’s something that too many people are unaware of. Considering the fact that chronic inflammation has been deemed as the “silent killer” by health professionals nationwide, I believe we all need to be aware of what inflammation does to our bodies and how we can lower our risk of disease.



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