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2018 - Another Diet? Ugh!!!

Another year, another resolution, of which the most common are “I’m going lose weight”, “I’m going to go on a diet”, “I’m going to be more active” and “I’m going to be more healthy”. All good resolutions in general. However, not specific enough to ensure long term success and most likely a key to why many resolutions do not last to the end of January!


Coffee Instead of Pre-Workout Supplement: The Good and The Bad

I wanted to write about this subject because I am a definitely a coffee lover and someone who uses coffee as a pre-workout, rather than scooping some colorful powder into my water. We know coffee alone has its advantages and disadvantages, but what about when we look at its affect on exercise?


Barbell/Dumbbell Complex workout for Strength, Power and Fat Loss Training

What is Barbell/Dumbbell Complex?
Complex is a series of exercises where you complete 2, or more with a barbell or dumbbell back to back with out putting the weight down. Complexes can be used in multiple ways.You can use it as a full body warm up before weight training, within a strength training workout with heavy weights and low reps or for a Fat Loss circuit workout.


One of the most common questions I get asked is “What weight exercises should I do?”

You want to keep things simple and utilize the phrase, Keep it simple sweetheart = K.I.S.S. method. I recommend doing a full body routine that you can do two or three times per week.



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