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Individualized Nutrition Consultation

If you want to make changes to the way you live, including nutrition, exercise, mental wellbeing, and stress management, but aren't sure where to start, experience the benefits of working with Alyssa. As a qualified nutritional professional, a 1-hour one-on-one consultation will be dedicated to your health and wellbeing.  During the initial visit, you will sit down with Alyssa to review a very detailed health history, outline your health and fitness goals, take measurements if needed, and go over an extensive questionnaire so Alyssa can learn as much information about your health history and goals as possible to create a baseline from which to track all of your progress.  By focusing on you as an individual with your own unique lifestyle, Alyssa digs deep to help you ditch diet dogma and use everyday nutrition to improve the way you move and reach your lifestyle and fitness goals.  Through educating you on the details of a healthy eating regiment, you will not only know what to eat, but also the reason why certain foods are better for your body.  Let’s get on the path of feeling your best and fueling your workouts! 

Individualized Nutrition Consultation (60 min.) $150

Follow-Up Consultations

This is the perfect package to truly commit to making healthy changes in your lifestyle while continuing to explore options for better health and wellness.  After you have completed a 3-day diet and lifestyle journal, Alyssa will use information gathered throughout your initial consultation in conjunction with the journal to develop a meal plan tailored to you and your individual body composition goals, lifestyle, and taste preferences. Each follow-up consultation will build on the previous session, continue food education and planning, and assessing the progress you have made.  Also included are full nutrition and dietary assessment, individual goals and recommendations, and any additional information that will be beneficial for your progress.  Look forward to improved sleep, better energy, reduced cravings, and reaching your health and wellness goals!  Unlimited support is available in between sessions via e-mail.

1 - Follow up Nutrition Consultation (60 min.) $80
3 - Follow up Nutrition Consultations (60 min.) $210

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