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Your Best Personal Training Experience
Our personal trainers are some of the highest qualified in Novato and Marin County, and also the most creative. We collaborate to constantly modify and adapt new exercises to add dimensions that you never thought you could attain. Your workouts will be challenging and rewarding. Our studio is bright, comfortable and inspiring, and our staff will make you feel welcome. Personal training is not something we do, for us it is a way of life. 

What Are Your Goals?
Just beginning or restarting? To get started right the first thing we should be concerned with is developing consistency in our personal training program. Reinforcing new attitudes and habits is something our trainers deal with all the time. The exercises in your personal training program need to wake up inactive muscles while releasing chronically overused ones in order to rebalance the body and strengthen it without injury. Your body will feel vibrant right away and you'll be less stressed and more productive. Soon you will look forward to your personal training sessions.

Losing Weight and Increasing Muscle Tone
It seems almost everyone comes in with this goal in mind. Toning up your muscles and feeling stronger will happen quickly with 2-3 strength workouts per week. Weight loss takes more work, and your personal training program should include strength training to gain muscle and increase metabolism, cardiovascular exercise to burn calories, and diet changes. Our fitness director is a Registered Dietitian and makes sure all of our personal trainers can help you stay on track with your diet goals. You can also see him for consultations or take his Weight Loss Boot Camp. 

Recovering from Injury
In our clientele nearly everyone has some kind of past injury. Our Personal Trainers are experienced at modifying the exercises in your personal training to bring you increasing levels of ability and fitness while preventing relapse. We have regular staff training by Physical Therapists. Several of our trainers have worked in rehabilitation and work closely with your Therapist to insure continued progress during post rehabilitation. 

Getting Healthier and Being More Active
Perhaps your goal is not to be an athlete, but simply to be healthy and active while living life to it's fullest. That's the second most common goal our clients report, so we've had a lot of experience with this kind of personal training programs. Our Personal Training programs integrate many forms of training to improve your strength, balance, flexibility, agility, coordination, stability, quickness, and endurance. So, go out and do more of the activities that light your fire, with better fitness you'll get more out of them. 

Personal Training and Improving Your Game
We create individualized programs for both competitive and recreational athletes. Most athletes make the mistake of concentrating overly on sport specific exercises at the expense of base conditioning, core stability, balance and flexibility. The proper fitness program will improve your competitive edge, reduce your chance of injury, and make it more fun. 

Personal Training and The Older Athlete
At our club in Mill Valley, We have many clients in their 60's and 70's, in fact our oldest client ever was 98. Studies show even those in their 90's can increase muscle mass, strength, balance and agility. It's never too late to start, but starting off right is important. One of the best parts of our job is creatively designing a personal training program for someone with a lifetime of past injuries and health concerns.