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Class Descriptions

Baptiste Yoga
A challenging beginner to intermediate level yoga class. The series offers seamless transitions between the postures using flowing breath-based movements. Build core stability and improve balance and flexibility as you exercise, tone.

Rise & Refresh Yoga
Start your day aligning your heart, mind, body and breath to refresh and renew yourself on all levels. Let the poses nourish, open, and strengthen you and take that into your day.

Power Core Fusion
Turn it up a notch with this high-intensity Core targeted workout! Through the power of fun motivating music we'll combine Cardio Agility Training, with key elements from Functional Training, Endurance, Mat Pilates, & even Yoga inspired moves. Get ready for a sweaty challenge in this fast paced, high energy class intended to Increase your flexibility, improve your posture and alignment, build stamina and sculpt a strong, hard CORE!

Yin-Yang Yoga
Unwind with this candlelit yoga class. Equal parts strengthening to tone your muscles and burn stress, and passive “yin-style” lengthening to take care of your joints and connective tissues.

Enjoy a Yoga class on us!