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Join our team! Looking for outgoing, fitness enthusiasts who love working out and helping others.

Scholarships available, start your career as a Personal Trainer today!

Saturday 12:00-5:00pm
8-Week Course Begins March 7, 2020

Download the syllabus for specifics. Each Module will be held at one of our Body Kinetics locations (Novato, San Rafael or Mill Valley)

We are the only hands-on Personal Training education program in a Health Club leading to a NASM certification, located in Marin County California. Our Personal Training Certification Program will prepare you to take the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certification exam, one of the most respected national certifications available. But an apprenticeship is much more than a certification because you will practice and master applying the skills of your trade. Most people who have taken a personal training certification exam or a weekend seminar do not feel ready to handle the needs of clients. Many fail to develop a lucrative clientele. Others quit before they have gained enough experience to become proficient in their craft. This apprenticeship will provide you with mentors who will guide and facilitate your progress as you gain knowledge and experience in both the technical and business aspects of personal training.

Through our Personal Trainer Certification program you will gain the knowledge essential to be a great personal trainer – not only the technical aspects of exercise prescription, but the psychology of motivation and life change, and the application of proven business practices. You will learn through lecture/seminars, observation of professional trainers and practice with clients. In the end, you will have the ability and confidence to begin your personal training career.

Personal Trainer Certification Program Includes:

Academic Study: The modules including lectures, presentation of papers and case studies.

Practical Work: Including using the facility, work on the apparatus, taking small group training classes, fitness classes, and group cycling. As much practical experience as possible is encouraged.

Applied Personal Training (optional): Earn back part of your tuition by performing 60 hours of practice training with actual clients at Body Kinetics. This a great way to hone your skills, build confidence and gain valuable experience. You need to apply for the position and if you are selected you will earn $15 an hour or $900 of your tuition working as an Apprentice Personal Trainer. Most Apprentice Trainers go on to be regular employees at Body Kinetics.

-Experience in a related form of physical activity.
Over the years it has become apparent that experience in other physical activities is extremely beneficial. This allows the student to relate and compare the work to past movement experience

-Teaching experience is recommended, but not required.
Teaching is a learned skill, an art and a natural talent. Any past teaching experience, even in an unrelated area will contribute to the process of becoming a fitness teacher
Must be eager to work hard, learn, study, and contribute! We are looking to hire trainers who are outgoing, passionate about the fitness, health and well-being.

Tuition & Fees:
The cost of the APT Program is $2250.
This includes the cost of the NASM exam and textbook.

Program Perks:
- Free 2-month membership during the Personal Trainer Certification program
- Free fitness classes during the Personal Trainer Certification program

Download Our Personal Trainer Certification Syllabus and Information Pack Today!

Past Student Experience

"I am proud to finally call myself a Certified Personal Trainer, thanks to my experience with NASM and Body Kinetics. Six months ago, I sat in Michael Jenkins’s office, debating with uncertainty the financial and practical aspects of making a career change. I knew that it would be a leap of faith considering our present economy. There was no questioning my passion for fitness and health, but whether I could successfully make a professional transition remained uncertain. However, with encouragement and support typical of their leadership, the folks at Body Kinetics reached out and provided me with the support and encouragement that I needed to delve in.

I looked forward to each class, and having read the NASM textbook material beforehand, it was a relief to have this forum to ask questions and get clarification. The Apprentice Program helped me to digest the NASM material by breaking it down into manageable segments that were clearly explained by way of practical, experiential teaching. I believe that without this integral, hands-on component, I would have struggled to really comprehend all of the elements of training and their progression.

Another valuable lesson I gleaned from the program is how to own and create value as a trainer, a quality essential for selling services and retaining existing clients. I may have overlooked this aspect of personal training had I not taken the Body Kinetics' Apprentice Program. Having the class and instructors for critique and support, we as students were encouraged each week to revise our fitness visions and speak confidently about ourselves and our services. Having this opportunity to practice and receive feedback made approaching potential clients much easier.

When it came time to take the exam, I felt like I had a broad and comprehensive grasp of the material. Most importantly, I had been taught the proper technique and form to safely put my knowledge into action. Not only has Body Kinetics provided me with a venue to learn and succeed, it has afforded me access to some of the best trainers in the business. In this intimate setting, I have been able to ask questions, observe, and continue a dialogue that will help me continue to grow as a Fitness Professional. As a new trainer starting out, this support is invaluable and I would recommend the Body Kinetics Apprentice Program to anyone with a passion for fitness looking for a real success in this competitive industry."

-Becky McCutcheon