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Ellen is guided by "It's not what you've got.... it's what you do with it". Her fitness accomplishments span numerous mediums. Ellen parents three (3) young children, has completed numerous endurance events (8 Ironman triathlons), is a published fitness author, owned/operated a small (food) business, taught middle and high school physical education (NYC), played intercollegiate sports, and attained a B.S. degree in physical education (U of Florida). Ellen is certified by ACSM and NASM.

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A Few Functional (really functional!) Exercises to Shelter

on Thu, Mar 19, 2020 @ 12:03 PM By | Ellen Karpay-Brody | 0 Comments | boost your mood workout at home functional exercise
Hi my dear clients, Remember a long long time ago when we used to meet in person? It’s only been a few days and already I’m a bit nostalgic. Until the time comes when we can meet again, and we will, I am sharing some appropriate exercise ideas to keep you moving, active, and within the “Shelter Orders."     Why the Gym? Over the course of our training I’ve stated that we go to the gym for many reasons including social interaction, support and expertise. We dedicate purposeful exercise to replace many of the human movements that industry and technology have seemingly eliminated. Some folks have eliminated movements (aka chores) by way of engaging another human, a person who does housekeeping. Some of you responded wittily, ”my housekeeper does that” or “I don’t do that anymore.” Pause… Well, with a 3-week Shelter Order in place chances are that you are now the designated housekeeper, and that’s an opportunity for functional exercise activities!    So allow me to take you back to some of those cues I offered.      A Few Functional (really functional!) Exercises During the Shelter Order:   For all the below, BREATHE in and out!  Do not hold your breath! Exhale during the greatest Exertion (EX = EX) 1. Reaching  for something high or low, standing or on hands/knees     Scrubbing the bathtub, shower floor/walls, changing bedding, emptying low-lying trash cans, removing cobwebs.  Exercise: Pointer - extending your opposite arm/leg, tightening/bracing your Abdominals, squeezing your Glutes.   2. Moving/Pushing or Pulling furniture, esp. if heavy or larger than your reach, items when mopping, vacuuming, sweeping      Changing sheets, loading the dishwasher, laundry washer/dryer. Exercise:  A. Squat or Lunge, keep Spine in neutral (not curved back), press your foot “tripod” to the floor and squeeze your Glutes                  B. “Rows,” Push-Ups   3. Scrubbing  anything, floors, toilet bowls, counter tops, sinks, mirrors, windows Exercise:  Shoulder internal and external rotations. Squeeze into your arm pit area for Rotator Cuff stabilization. Think “Karate Kid” and “wax on, wax off."   4. Lifting and Carrying, Pulling  out trash, laundry Exercise:  Squat and Pull, hold heavy item close to your torso and brace your Abdominals.   5.   Stepping Up/Down Stairs Exercise: Step-Ups/Downs, secure your footing, engage your quadriceps (front of thighs), hamstrings (back of thighs), and Glutes (buttocks).   6. Quick Pace and Music Exercise: Give yourself a time-interval to complete a specific room or task. Be thorough but with a purposeful pace.   Put on some upbeat music and enjoy your “Really Functional Exercises” routine.     7. Ready for something Aerobic? Exercise: Walk, dance, march, squat, lunge, do the twist, skip/jump rope, “do the stairs”. Post cleaning is the perfect time to transition into Aerobic exercise. You’re already warm and mobile.     8.   Ask, “What CAN I do?"   Ellen Karpay-Brody
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Bridging, the Mental Kind

on Wed, Mar 21, 2018 @ 13:03 PM By | Ellen Karpay-Brody | 2 Comments | build good habbits tip from a personal trainer everyday routine
Years ago my dentist and I were discussing the merits of flossing one's teeth daily. I defended my sporadic adherence, “I forget to do it, it’s not convenient, it’s not easy to do, sometimes it hurts my fingers, can I just skip the hard-to-reach teeth? Which teeth do I really have to floss?”  He smiled (with beautiful teeth) and replied seriously, “Just the ones you want to keep.”
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My Non-Verbal Run

on Tue, Feb 21, 2017 @ 13:02 PM By | Ellen Karpay-Brody | 0 Comments |
Visualize along with me:  I’m running on the treadmill, feeling grateful for being able to move like this, that I’m well. I was sick 1 1/2 weeks ago. P atiently, I waited for "exercise re-entry" until my exercise-breathing was hack-less and cough-less.  My body warms, I’m moving a bit faster and still breathing quietly, no coughing, no hacking, no throat clearing. All good signs that I’m ready for exercise.
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What’s the Difference?

I tuned in and began listening at what seemed near the beginning.  The “source” on the news report said,  “when a person is stressed their body is worked up - heart rate, blood pressure, hormones-so the more we can prevent this overworked state, the less of a load it builds up.” Hmmm. Although I arrived a few moments after this broadcast I waited to hear the rest of the report for what I hoped would clarify this statement.  I was hoping to hear the words, “in sedentary conditions, not during exercise, or without exercise effect…” And I thought, what if It didn’t say that in the beginning.  
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Exercise is Medicine

American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) launched this Global Initiative in 2008. This bold statement came as a result of years and years of studying the effect of exercise on people of numerous ages, classifications, and circumstances.  It is a result of scientific, repeatable conclusions, proof!  Exercise enhances mood, health, and ability.  And six years after the claim it retains its strength scientifically and personally.
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Daily Living—A Great Workout Routine? Who Knew?

Good morning, rise and shine... get out of bed, shower, scrub, shave (or not), step out of shower, towel dry, pull open your drawers (your real ones, not your pants), reach into the closet, oooops... go ahead... pick up the thing you dropped, put on your bra or your belt (or both), put on your shoes, walk to your mode of transportation for wherever you're going, grab your briefcase or purse (or both), get into the car, get out of the car, push/pull the door open, sit (and sit and sit and sit), go to the bathroom and sit and reach (or stand... or sit), get up, chop vegetables, shake the salad dressing, take out the trash, sweep/mop the floor, etc.
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