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Gain Ease of Movement (and Maybe Lose a Few Pounds) with Qigong

Posted by Claire Cohn | Mon, Dec 10, 2018 @ 12:12 PM

Do you have trouble moving chairs, taking clothes out of the dryer, or walking up and down stairs? Have you noticed your body doesn't bend and flex as easily as it did just a few years ago? 

Maybe it's time to halt the degeneration of your body parts. Would you like to reduce pain? Cultivate vibrant energy and enjoy your life more? Then read on…

Weight bearing joints like ankles, knees and hips, take the brunt of our body weight and hurt more, especially when carrying too many pounds. With too much body weight, life becomes more tiring and stressful when we move about and push or carry things. If you already have arthritis in various parts of your spine or joints, your challenge is to keep moving, not halt your activities; otherwise you will lose energy and feel depressed. Your chores may not get done, further limiting your independence.

Here’s my prescription for fitness, health, peace of mind, and longevity—practice Qigong, the mindful healing art developed 2000 years ago in China.

How can Qigong help you lose weight? The slow, gentle movements of Qigong produce a calming effect, which can alleviate the stress and anxiety that often contributes to over-eating. I have taught Qigong for the last 8 years. In addition to experiencing less arthritis pain, my students tell me they feel calmer and more relaxed. Many have lost weight.

Personally, practicing Qigong helped change me from being a victim of breast cancer into a brave fighter keeping myself physically active with walking and Qigong practices. I felt whole again post surgery, and less fatigued from radiation therapy. Even with achy joints, anyone can participate in gentle, focused movements. We increase energy by stimulating acupressure points, and most importantly, we learn to breathe fully from the diaphragm.

The quality of your lifestyle incrementally improves when you can move those chairs, lift the laundry bin and take the stairs with ease.  You feel less burdened by daily stress because you are lighter on your joints and your nervous system has been soothed with calming, gentle movements. Try it, you’ll like it!

This Blog was written by Claire R. Cohn BFA, MA

Claire is a Qigong Movement Meditation Instructor at Body Kinetics San Rafael and Novato. Her work is her art as she is passionate about supporting individuals’ growth journey.

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Written by Claire Cohn

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