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Posted by Frank Jandura | Fri, Sep 14, 2018 @ 14:09 PM

I’m frequently approached by gym members, who have been working out on their own for months (even years), concerning the lack of results they are obtaining even though they workout 3-5 times a week. In discussing their routine, I typically discover that these individuals religiously adhere to performing the same workout circuit on the seated exercise machines that work individual muscle groups: Chest Press, Leg Press, Shoulder Press, etc. Their cardio of choice is commonly an exercise bike.     

My Advice:

Consider foregoing the seated machines and Stand to Train! Sitting at machines to exercise is a great way to learn the fundamentals of exercise movement or to rehab an injury. However, over the long term this method of exercise is inefficient because it does not correlate to the way we move in life.

We do not move using only one muscle group, we produce movement by incorporating multiple muscles and joints in multiple planes of motion. Seated exercise lessens the opportunity to train postural and stabilizing muscles that are required for effective and efficient movement.

Standing to train (Functional Training) maintains core engagement and postural alignment, allowing the body to move freely through space - not within the confines of a machine.  Functional training integrates movements that duplicate Acts of Daily Living, including the sports we perform, and recruits as many muscles as possible, giving you the foundation on which to build greater strength, mobility and athleticism while insulating yourself from injury.


We are fully equipped for Functional Training at Body Kinetics, with a full supply of Kettlebells, Slam Balls, Medicine Balls, TRX Suspension Systems, Keiser Air Resistance Machines, Battle Ropes, Weight Sled and numerous Fitness Classes to meet your needs. All our Personal Trainers and Class Instructors are ready and willing to help you meet your goals; feel free to inquire at the front desk or ask a Trainer for assistance.

Utilizing Suspension Training, functional training principles can be integrated into program design to accommodate specific objectives, such as throwing a ball more effectively, swinging a golf club or improving balance and strength for snow and water sports, and  general fitness goals of improving strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. Give it a try; it’s different, challenging, fun and it works!

By Frank Jandura, Body Kinetics San Rafael, Certified by NASM, ACE & TRX,Specialization in Functional Training & Corrective Exercise

A lifelong athlete, competitive water skier and fitness enthusiast, I utilize my certifications with NASM, ACE & TRX to teach Functional Training. You will learn movements that apply to acts of daily living - improving stability, balance, flexibility, strength and endurance for performance enhancement and injury prevention. I also hold a specialty certification in Corrective Exercise to help clients cope with impairments and recover from injuries. I will train you to have the physical ability to do what you want, when you want to do it.

We will work together to set goals with a realistic time frame. Using the NASM Optimum Performance Training model, I will design and implement a training program that is specifically tailored to achieve your goals faster than you can on your own.  We will monitor your progress and as you continue to reach new levels of fitness, I will make progressions in your program to keep the workouts fresh, fun and challenging.  I will guide and motivate you to reach the fitness level you desire!

Topics: Stand to train, get results, core engagement, Functional Training, postural alignment

Written by Frank Jandura

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