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How Working Out is Helping Your Brain

Body Kinetics trainer Edyta Saltsman laid out some helpful tips on how to push yourself to exercise more often. One way to look at it, she says, is to consider the long-term health benefits, which are too many to not be compelled to lace up your sneakers and start working out. Getting physically fit is one of the major benefits, but did you know that exercise also ‘sculpts’ the brain? It’s true; physical activity is one of the best things you can do to increase brain health and here are the reasons why:  Changes blood flow to the brain  A groundbreaking study from the University of Maryland looked at the effect exercise had on the blood flow to the brain. They found that exercise decreased cerebral blood flow in a group of adults diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment (MCI), while at the same time improving their scores on cognitive tests. On the other hand, participants without MCI experienced elevated blood flow to the brain while reporting higher cognitive results. In either case, exercise intervened with the circulation of blood to the brain, and both yielded positive results. 
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