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Strength Training - The Fountain of Youth

Ok, you’re convinced you want to strength train, but need a nudge or ideas to update your gym routine? Begin by identifying WHY you want to get stronger. Do you want to enhance your performance in running, golf, tennis or turn back the clock, and get as fit as you were when you were an elite athlete? How about strength to perform everyday household activities, lifting kids, dancing all night, or taking a long hike with a friend? According to the IDEA Fitness Journal, we lose 5% of muscle mass every decade after 40 and it accelerates after age 65. Strength training can reverse the loss of muscle, help your body move more youthfully, help you stand up straighter, and increase the range of motion in joints. “Most of us can be functionally younger every year for the next five or even ten years”, says Chris Crowley in his and Dr. Lodge’s book, Younger Next Year, a book advocating exercise six days a week for the rest of your life. It is well documented that being strong and fit improves the quality of life as one ages and reduces the chance of chronic diseases and limiting disabilities.
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Great Workout Routine for Golf Part 1

on Mon, Feb 25, 2013 @ 07:02 AM By | John Hoeber | 0 Comments | best workout Body Kinetics in Novato and Mill Valley golf workout
Hello, I am John Hoeber, Personal Trainer at Body Kinetics in Mill Valley, CA. Most of my personal training clients in Mill Valley are recreational golfers, many of whom lack the flexibility and body control required for a full backswing and fluid down swing and follow through. The results are a number of swing faults that rob accuracy and distance while also predisposing them to injuries of the lower back and left knee meniscus (right handed golfers). Here are three exercises that will improve the fluidity of your golf swing for greater accuracy and distance.
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2 of the Best Workout Routines for Combating IT Band Syndrome

on Mon, Nov 26, 2012 @ 05:11 AM By | Katie Doolittle | 0 Comments | best workout exercises resistence training
Remember that during the winter we said that you could work on exercises that complement your good weather regimen?  Do you suffer from iliotibial (IT) band syndrome? You might be doing the wrong type of exercise to alleviate the problem. Here are two indoor exercises designed to be the best workout routines to help you when you can get back on the track or back on the treadmill without succumbing to that annoying knee pain.
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Best Workout for Winter - Cures for the Winter Blues

on Mon, Nov 19, 2012 @ 05:11 AM By | Katie Doolittle | 0 Comments | best workout Winter Blues Vitamin D
The dark, damp days of winter are already here and soon the Winter Blues follow. Our summer outdoor activities might not be our best workout for winter and we might need some extra vitamin help as well. At our latitude in the San Francisco Bay the sun’s rays are not intense enough in the winter for us to make Vitamin D, even on the sunny days.
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