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on Tue, Jan 09, 2018 @ 12:01 PM By | Lily Baker-Lubin | 0 Comments | body kinetics pilates best pilates studio in marin Movement U dns
This is the perfect time of year to welcome you to our newly expanded department, Movement U. In honor of this expanding department and new concept for Body Kinetics, we wanted to share some of the questions we have received.
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The Gender Gap - Why aren’t more Men participating in Pilates?

I would like to de-myth the pre-conceived notions that Pilates is “only for rehab”, “ it’s similar to yoga”, “its not challenging”, “it’s a female thing-intimidating”, “it won’t build endurance”, “its too expensive”, “it’s boring” and so on. I could write a blog with tons of kineseology data to support the benefits of Pilates but I would rather speak more from my personal experiences.
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