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Should you be focusing on strengthening your abs and glutes to avoid back pain?

Why yes. But the more important question is “HOW?” Back pain has a variety of causes which is commonly arises from instability and overloading of the lumbar spine. Essentially how our muscles fire is key to this. While much can be said about our body’s complex system, a few principals will be pointed out.   Ideally, our CNS (central nervous system) is able to anticipate movements as well as properly respond and adjust our body (stabilizing our spine) to them as they occur. We also want to have relative “tone” (like springs) in the muscles that stabilize the spine so that at any given moment, our spine is immediately responsive to a movement and fully supporting ourselves even while we’re sitting. 
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How Proper Squatting Contributes to Better Overall Fitness

Many times when I begin working with a new client I often hear the phrase “I don’t squat; squats hurt my knees.” Although some people may have medical reasons in which squats truly do hurt their knees (limited range of motion due to past surgeries or recurring injuries), the average person should be using squats to help improve knee stability, flexibility, and connective tissue strength. 
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The Perks of Pumping Iron

“Strength is an often-overlooked component of physical health.” says Alexander Koch. Ph.D. an associate professor at Lenoir-Rhyne University. “Lifting weights is excellent for improving bone density, joint mobility, and body composition.”It makes daily activities like climbing stairs, lugging groceries, lifting up kids and moving furniture a lot easier. Physical strength also helps a mental outlook on life, when you feel strong it has a positive effect on our mental health. 
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For the Love of Movement!

As many of you know I have had my struggles with weight. I was overweight and then obese from probably age 6 until I was 23. At 23 I decided I was finally ready to be healthy! I started walking a minimum of 5 days a week for 30 minutes, and I wrote down EVERYTHING I put in my mouth. As time went on my walks became longer and I was able to go further each time. Why walking? Because it was easy to do, I didn’t need a lot of equipment and I loved it! Sometimes I had friends with me, other times I would go on my own and enjoy the scenery.  More recently I have been swimming and biking.
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