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Do your knees hurt when you squat? Does your back hurt when you deadlift?

on Thu, Aug 25, 2016 @ 15:08 PM By | David Boffey | 0 Comments | personal training in novato squat correct form Deadlift
If so, eventually your knees will hurt when you stand up from a chair and your back will hurt when you pick something up. The pain is a sign your body sends you that you must change something sooner rather than later to avoid more pain in the future.
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Getting fit to hit the hiking trails

on Fri, Apr 11, 2014 @ 13:04 PM By | Tim Schmidt | 0 Comments | marin hikes fun exercise hiking personal training in novato
Pack clutching my shoulders, punchy trail-boots anchoring my feet, and sprinkles of sunscreen-fortified sweat assaulting my eyes, I forged ahead with nary a destination. I had the day to myself, and, with the majesty of Mt. Tamalpais close by, I had the hunger and the physical conditioning to explore it. I'd been hiking Marin's trails for years, but lately found that I was repeating the same hikes... the old stand-bys. I was in a trail-rut. Countless trails remained for me to discover. So, on this day, where a confluence of trails were to meet, my purpose was to go left, if right was the direction with which I was familiar.
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