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Why Pilates?

on Wed, Apr 15, 2020 @ 11:04 AM By | Rebecca Bonnel | 0 Comments | pilates
Pilates is a type of exercise that strengthens and tones your entire body by creating resistance through springs attached to a special piece of equipment while also incorporating the weight of your body into the resistance. It is a low-impact form of exercise that strengthens your muscles while improving postural alignment and flexibility. One of the goals of Pilates is to place equal emphasis on the eccentric versus concentric phase of muscle contraction.
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The Gender Gap - Why aren’t more Men participating in Pilates?

I would like to de-myth the pre-conceived notions that Pilates is “only for rehab”, “ it’s similar to yoga”, “its not challenging”, “it’s a female thing-intimidating”, “it won’t build endurance”, “its too expensive”, “it’s boring” and so on. I could write a blog with tons of kineseology data to support the benefits of Pilates but I would rather speak more from my personal experiences.
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As a Pilates instructor for Body Kinetics in Mill Valley many have asked me why should they do Pilates and how do they choose a teacher. Pilates is more than a collection of exercises; it is a time-honored tradition with a philosophy of principles & concepts as well as a knowledge of physiology, kinesiology, & body mechanics.  Pilates can enhance your exercise experience, increasing your knowledge of your body & yourself.
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Pilates: On Symmetry and Balance

on Mon, Jan 07, 2013 @ 05:01 AM By | Michael Jenkins | 0 Comments | Body Kinetics in Novato and Mill Valley pilates symmetry
As a Pilates teacher, I work closely with my clients to identify imbalances in postural alignment and differences in strength from one side to the other.  Some of these differences are due to what I call “sided sports” such as tennis, rowing, volleyball, and even swimming.  Other imbalances are from injuries.  And actually some injuries are the result of overuse of one side of the body, sometimes from sports and sometimes just from what we do in our daily life.  We always turn around in the driver’s seat of a car to get something in the backseat.  We usually enter our cars in an asymmetrical way, potentially putting stress over time on one of our hip flexors or adductors.  We use our computer mouse with the same hand. 
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