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Pilates: On Symmetry and Balance

on Mon, Jan 07, 2013 @ 05:01 AM By | Michael Jenkins | 0 Comments | Body Kinetics in Novato and Mill Valley pilates symmetry
As a Pilates teacher, I work closely with my clients to identify imbalances in postural alignment and differences in strength from one side to the other.  Some of these differences are due to what I call “sided sports” such as tennis, rowing, volleyball, and even swimming.  Other imbalances are from injuries.  And actually some injuries are the result of overuse of one side of the body, sometimes from sports and sometimes just from what we do in our daily life.  We always turn around in the driver’s seat of a car to get something in the backseat.  We usually enter our cars in an asymmetrical way, potentially putting stress over time on one of our hip flexors or adductors.  We use our computer mouse with the same hand. 
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