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Beyond the Workout

The importance of regular exercise is immeasurable! Getting the body moving is one of the best ways to maintain our body weight and image, health and wellness. When considering overall human well being from a holistic perspective, there are 3 additional balancing factors that are of about equal relevance as exercise. These are nutrition, sleep (rest), and mental/ emotional health. These components are comparable to the wheels of a car. If any one wheel is out of balance then the car will not run efficiently. Perhaps it can still run, but will be out of balance to varying degrees, and could potentially do significant damage to the vehicle. With parallel to this topic, let’s consider the vehicle the “person”, either in or out of balance. Lets correlate nutrition and hydration as the “fuel”,  sleep as “maintenance”, and mental/ emotional health as the “electrical system”. 
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Is clutter hurting your health?

Hmmmm… A blog… What to write, oh what to write! As a novice to the world of blogging, deciding on a subject turned out to be a task in itself! There are countless topics related to health and fitness that interest me. I just couldn't seem to pick one! As I sat in front of my computer fingers on the keys my mind felt both cluttered and vacant at the same time.
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Wellness: 6 Practices to Enhance Your Life

on Mon, Dec 31, 2012 @ 05:12 AM By | Michael Jenkins | 2 Comments | health and fitness health and well-being wellness
As a health club owner, people ask me what are the latest health and fitness trends. My answer is that the trend is not just fitness, but is also wellness. Optimal well-being includes your body being fit with good muscle integrity, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. 
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