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Because I said so, my personal path to fitness.

When I created the game of becoming healthy and well, I made a promise I would workout 5 days a week. I made this promise to myself, and I shared it with everyone I could. I didn’t have a “goal weight” or a size I thought I should be. I simply became someone who exercised, for no other reason than to be healthy and well. I called this game “I Love Myself” and the possibility for this game was being vibrant, sexy and fun! That was worth exercising for!  I was way more inspired than “to look better” or “to fit into that outfit.” Getting motivated to exercise was easy!  
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Daily Living—A Great Workout Routine? Who Knew?

Good morning, rise and shine... get out of bed, shower, scrub, shave (or not), step out of shower, towel dry, pull open your drawers (your real ones, not your pants), reach into the closet, oooops... go ahead... pick up the thing you dropped, put on your bra or your belt (or both), put on your shoes, walk to your mode of transportation for wherever you're going, grab your briefcase or purse (or both), get into the car, get out of the car, push/pull the door open, sit (and sit and sit and sit), go to the bathroom and sit and reach (or stand... or sit), get up, chop vegetables, shake the salad dressing, take out the trash, sweep/mop the floor, etc.
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