Cycle EXP by Body Kinetics
- Your Best Cycling Experience

We provide challenging cycle classes in a fun community. All classes are taught using varying resistance (gears), RPMs, heart rate and watts to create a high energy, challenging, fun, one hour workout. Good bike riding form and safety are high priority. We use MyZone HR tracking system so you can see your effort and heart rate on the bike and on a TV monitor in class. We use Keiser M3+ bikes with a computer that allows you to easily know what gear you are in and how fast you are pedaling.

Results and Benefits include:

  • Enhanced skills for your outdoor rides
  • Improved performance in all athletic endeavors
  • Excellent cardiovascular workout
  • Classes create camaraderie, fun challenges and friendships

A Group Cycling class may include different types of riding which is designed to improve these areas of fitness and over health:

  • Hill Climbing - for muscle strength and power developing quad and glute strength
  • Fast Tempo climbing out of the saddle - immediate cardiovascular response working all muscle groups of the legs
  • Tempo Riding - aerobic training for sustained cardiovascular endurance working the hip flexors and hamstrings
  • Sprinting - Anaerobic training and neuromuscular facilitation engaging the nervous system
  • Classes are taught to high energy music and most of the time your pace is dictated by how fast is the beat of the music

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