Group Fitness Classes at
Body Kinetics

Group fitness exercise classes are included in membership! Our program offers a variety of classes at convenient times. Our classes are personalized, energizing and fun! Classes are held in a private studio. Use the online class scheduler to view classes and reserve a space up to two weeks in advance.

Class Descriptions

Cycle- We offer Group Cycling on Keiser M3 bikes in our cycle studio. Learn good cycling technique in a fun environment that encourages each participant to go at their own pace appropriate to their fitness level. The class will take you through hill climbs, sprints, jumps, pacing, and interval training; an exhilarating cardio workout!

Zumba- Burn calories and have fun in this Latin-inspired dance/fitness program that blends red-hot international music and contagious steps to form a "fitness-party" that is downright addictive.

Power Pump- Intense cardio interval class that focuses on building cardio endurance while sculpting and toning your whole body; goals are core stability and fun.

Strength Training- A must class for Seniors! Through current certifications from the American Senior Fitness Association you will be taught safe, effective lifelong and functional strength building techniques. The goals are to be stronger, increase flexibility & improve balance & coordination.

Strength & Stretch- Class designed for older adults, pregnant women and those beginning a new exercise program. Increase your strength and endurance and improve your balance and flexibility.

Step & Sculpt- An intense choreographed workout that incorporates movements on and off an adjustable platform, finishing off with stretching. Great for all levels.

Boxing Bootcamp- Kick start your day with one of the best cardio workouts available. Get a full body workout while learning self defense and boxing techniques in a fun filled atmosphere.

Power Sculpt- This class will PUMP YOU UP! This workout utilizes hand weights, bands, medicine balls and bars for a full body workout. Cardio intervals include plyometrics and sports drills. You will burn maximum calories while conditioning the entire body.

Low Impact Aerobics- Move to music and improve your cardiovascular fitness. This class is “exercise in disguise” as we gradually increase exercise intensity through choreographed routines. All movements are low impact and no previous experience is required. Great for Beginners!