Group Fitness Classes at
Body Kinetics

Group fitness exercise classes are included in membership! Our program offers a variety of classes at convenient times. Our classes are personalized, energizing and fun! Classes are held in a private studio. Use the online class scheduler to view classes and reserve a space up to two weeks in advance.

Class Descriptions

Cycle Classes - This class is a high-powered exhilarating cycling workout designed to work the aerobic and anaerobic systems.  This class will help improve speed, strength and cardiovascular endurance.  It is a low impact workout.  This class is designed for beginner as well as the advanced.

Body Blast - This class is for total body conditioning, intended to improve performance, burn fat and build lean muscle mass using your own bodyweight, free weights, balance exercises and bursts of cardio!  We will work at a fast pace with fun music to keep your heart rate up and burn calories!!  Challenge your fitness level with this intermediate class! 

Cardio Body Build Up - It’s the next level of training. Your muscular strength and endurance will be tested when combined with cardiovascular movement. A total body workout that is challenging and fun. Great for all levels of fitness!

Boxing Conditioning - You’re going to have fun!  This class is exciting with a cardio challenge.  You will be doing boxing drills with fluid movements keeping your heart rate.  For all levels.

Cardio Strength - An interval training class consisting of high-rep and low-weight strength training and cardio interval bursts.  For all fitness levels.

Total Body Challenge - Looking for the perfect combination of heart pumping cardio and intense strength training? This class is it. Each week both the format and the equipment used will change to make for increased calorie burn and a total body workout.

NIA – The Nia Technique is a dance-fitness class that empowers people of all shapes and sizes to step into a joyful relationship with their bodies and movement. Nia combines martial arts, healing arts, and dance arts to create a high-powered, synergistic workout that no isolated exercise technique can match. Part choreographed and part free-form, Nia delivers a solid aerobic workout, with each experience adaptable to individual needs and abilities. Classes are generally done barefoot to soul-stirring music that motivates every part of you to move. Step into your own joyful journey with Nia, and positively shape the way you feel, look, think and live. No experience necessary.