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Movement U Faculty

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Lily Baker-Lubin, Director of Integrative Movement

What Moves Me:

I am continuously inspired by those who find their way to Movement U and are determined to make a change. From 8 years old to 87 years old, I am moved by seeing and supporting students during a vulnerable time, in which movement is compromised. To play a role in helping each person claim or reclaim what is meaningful feels like a privilege. To be a part of their team as they cross the finish line, jump rope, jump a horse, catch a ball or a wave, swing a racket or a club, hold a baby or hold hope feels like an honor.

I am proud to be a part of the Movement U community. I get to be a part of a faculty of experts who continue to truly and deeply invest in their students while growing and continuing to learn as a team. Simultaneously, I get to observe our students as they dedicate themselves to our teachers, their craft and continue to empower themselves through movement education.

As a competitive equestrian, connecting with a horse and helping to positively influence and shape horsepower is something that not only moves me but keeps me moving. As an athlete, it moves me to continue to advance my biomechanical knowledge and skillset to address and enhance “the whole athlete.”  As an animal advocate, riding teaches me about partnership, patience, compassion and collaboration.

Moving U to Results

Among my strengths is a deep understanding of human biomechanics as well as the psychological factors that contribute to excellence in sports and movement. These components help direct me in assessment, exercise selection and program design.

I believe DNS and Pilates to be a profoundly transformative forms of movement. With skilled instruction, it can provide dramatic gains for people with a wide range of needs and goals. My expertise in functional movement allows me to assess your needs and create a program of exercises and objectives that is truly tailored to you. My clients range from top Bay Area physicians well versed in anatomical concerns to recreational athletes transitioning from physical therapy back to daily activity. I work with high school athletes and professionals, total novices and hard core gym rats looking to diversify their workout routines. Regardless of your skill level, I am excited to help you excel in your own pursuits and take your abilities to the next level.

Movement U Student Testimonial

“As I began private sessions with Lily over a year ago, I realized there was a uniqueness in the way in which she approaches her students. It became immediately apparent to me that her educational background coupled with her intuitive nature in understanding how the body moves and holds itself had given her the ability to continually adapt her instruction to suit an individual’s needs.  At the beginning of each session she will inquire as to how my body has been feeling and will then observe my gait as well as standing position.  At the conclusion of the session my body is nimble and the effects are lasting.”


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Rebecca Bonnel, Professional Pilates Teacher, BASI

What Moves Me

Rebecca decided to leave the corporate world and focus on what she really enjoys – working with people. Rebecca began taking Pilates classes and discovered that this was a path she could pursue to achieve her goal of helping others with physical development that will better their lives.  She has done gymnastics, has ridden horses, has bicycled and loves hiking.  She knows the importance of developing a strong body and building endurance in order to live an active lifestyle.  She has also endured injuries that required some rehabilitation and is aware that a strong body heals faster and also helps prevent unnecessary injuries.

Rebecca earned a Masters in Human Development and before transitioning into the corporate world she was a tutor for autistic children and volunteered in special education classrooms.  These experiences have given her the skills and confidence to work with a variety of people.  Consequently, she has an extremely heartfelt approach to helping her clients with their goals and is a very compassionate individual who wants each client to feel successful in their progression of movement.  

Moving U to Results

At your introductory meeting, Rebecca will discuss with you what your fitness goals are and what you would like to accomplish.  She is a detail-oriented practitioner who gears towards combining her bio-mechanical inclinations with her eagerness to understand each of her client’s journey.  Most importantly, she will encourage you to achieve the goals you have set forth and will be equally committed to working with you throughout your journey.  She will evaluate/discuss with you your limitations, if any, and will work with you to overcome those challenges so you can be successful in meeting your goals.  Your individualized program will be routinely re evaluated and adjusted as you continue to meet your goals while building your strength and endurance.  She hopes to make your workout challenging enough to reach your goals, but also to build a desire to continue to pursue physical activity to live better.

Movement U Student Testimonial

I began taking Pilates reformer and mat classes with Rebecca several months ago. I am recovering from a serious medical condition and practicing Pilates has been very instrumental in regaining my health. I want to recognize Rebecca for the patience and kindness she has shown me during this process. She has played an important role in my life the past few months with my recovery. Her classes are excellent. She skillfully creates an environment that allows each student to develop and learn. She is always well prepared and provides a variety of new exercises for the class to learn. She makes us really enjoy the time we spend with her and the others in class. And she is always, always smiling! I really could go on and on….I am extremely grateful to have her as my instructor and in my life. It’s a pleasure to practice and learn from Rebecca.



Marisa Myer, Pain and Movement Specialist

What Moves Me:

“I enjoy helping people dramatically improve their body mechanics to reduce and resolve pain, to move past plateaus, towards recovery and optimizing function. I’ve had my own fair share of injuries before turning 30. I was lucky to come across great physiotherapist teachers from the Prague School of Rehabilitation who have helped me to completely retrain how I use my spine, hips and nearly every other joint in my body.”

Marisa’s biomechanical knowledge paired with her patience, kindness and compassion creates an atmosphere of learning and healing that her students describe as profoundly effective, educational, safe, rewarding and memorable.

An avid athlete through her youth, Marisa’s sensitivity to her body led her to quickly appreciate the power of Pilates to help her with flexibility, strength, coordination and balance. Marisa loves to train people how to integrate ideal body mechanics and exercise into everyday life and activities.

Marisa is a certified massage therapist, Pilates instructor (CPT), DNS Exercise Trainer, Z-Health Trainer, NASM Personal Trainer (CPT) and Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES). She is constantly continuing her education with functional exercise systems, neuroscience and bodywork.

Moving U to Results

“It is primarily about teaching our bodies to be maximally connected. When we are completely kinetically connected, loads and pressure placed on us are smoothly distributed throughout the body. This dramatically strengthens us instead of breaking parts down and leading to injury.”

In private sessions Marisa incorporates bodywork that helps to release tightness and blend Pilates with other dynamic strengthening exercises. She has studied extensively with the Prague School of Rehabilitation, in which Neurophysiologists teach exercises (DNS) based on developmental kinesiology. With adult exercises inspired from ideal development, your low abs, back, glutes, neck and shoulders will want to do these every day.

“To be able to help empower people to get out of their own physical pain when nothing else seemed to work, and in turn achieve their fitness goals, has been incredibly rewarding. I combine DNS and neuroscience (based on Z-health) with Pilates to help clients integrate proper body mechanics and intelligent movement with their everyday life.”

Movement U Student Testimonial

“I began seeing Marisa for Pilates sessions once a week to help manage the pain, imbalance and fatigue I've been suffering from Fibromialgia. Our exercise routine includes bodywork for the painful distortions of my feet and compromised posture. Through our work my posture has improved and I have more mobility in my feet my general level of pain has lessened. She has been extremely responsive to my special needs and has developed ways of working with me which are both safe and beneficial.  I am so grateful to the gods of good fortune who introduced us!”


Debbie Headshot 1 2019

Debbie Abell, Creator Vitality U 

What Moves Me: 

Simply... Helping people. I love seeing the changes that occur in all areas of one’s life when Health and function is restored or enhanced. Pain free living is a beautiful thing. Vitality is a beautiful thing. I love being a catalyst to change.” -Debbie Abell

Moving U to Results

Integrative Wellness Coach, Movement Specialist, CPT, NASM-CES, Pilates Comprehensive Trainer, MELT 

Debbie is a Master Trainer, Educator, Coach and leader in developing Holistic Wellness Programming. Debbie specializes in corrective exercise, movement impairment, pain and performance. She blends the disciplines of sport medicine, mind body practices, Pilates, functional movement, nutrition and health and wellness coaching. Debbie has worked in the health, wellness and fitness space for over 20 years and is dedicated to the concept of longevity and thriving. 

• As a Movement Specialist… she has worked with various demographics, body types and personalities, helping her clients achieve balance and strength inside and out. 

• On Pain… she helps her clients quickly unlock the source of their pain and move into making achievable improvements that removes fear and risks of mental and physical health issues. 

• On Motivation… she creates a safe space for her clients to take small first steps that enable a source of motivation and lead to big results.

Movement U Student Testimonial

You are a miracle worker! I woke up almost pain free One session with you and my back and leg are 60% better! My leg pain is gone 100%! My back mid waist still a bit sore but 50% reduced, my arm/shoulder a tiny bit better but still pretty sore. I’m not kidding I woke up singing to myself and didn’t know why and then I realized I wasn’t in chronic pain!



Nicole C headshot cropped

Nicole Calmels, Integrative Movement Educator, Outreach Coordinator

What Moves Me: 

Nicole discovered Pilates in 2006 after sustaining a debilitating back injury while working as a firefighter/paramedic.

Through Pilates, Nicole was able to reduce chronic pain, develop better muscle balance and learn functional movement patterns. She is dedicated to sharing what she has learned from personal experience and what has grown into a professional passion, so that her clients can thrive in their lives.

Moving U to Results

Nicole uses precise cueing, honed through 10 years of experience as a public educator, and effective program design, developed through her M.A. in Education Administration, to support clients in enhancing their postural alignment and functional movement patterns. Nicole also draws on her varied experiences as an athlete, dancer, and avid world traveler to help integrate the studio work into her client's daily lives and fitness goals. Nicole completed comprehensive Pilates apparatus instructor training and Core Align instructor training through Balanced Body, 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training through Yandara Yoga Institute and Gokhale Method Foundations Training. Nicole is dedicated to continued growth through trainings in a variety of movement modalities and through her personal practice.

Movement U Student Testimonial

"The information you provide is extremely helpful. After so many years on this planet, it’s wonderful to have someone well versed in body mechanics, who can pass along alignment techniques to those of us who have ‘lost our way’ regarding body awareness and posture." - Marie Townsend