What moves you?

Movement is an essential and joyous part of the human experience. At Movement U, we are dedicated to helping you identify what moves you and then optimizing your journey--what we call achieving the Nth degree--whether your goal is a marathon or simply maneuvering the stairs more comfortably.

Nth degree Pilates, Performance, Function 

We achieve these performance and function milestones through a variety of programs and methods. While our award-winning work in Pilates continues to be a mainstay, our faculty is educated in many new complementary methods and modalities. Some of these techniques include Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) and Z-Health as well as other research-based work. Drop in one class and you might see runners who want to improve gait or a golfer working on better rotation for his swing. Observe another class and see a father learning how to lift his child pain-free or someone who wants to get out of their car with ease.

The “U” is both in reference to our ability to personalize programs for each individual (you), and to our faculty of movement specialists. If Pilates is already an important part of your program, you’ll find our teachers offer extensive knowledge and diverse educational backgrounds to both challenge and support your movement goals. Or if someone (maybe that voice in the back of your head) has told you you couldn’t do something, or you’re beginning to believe discomfort and pain “is part of the deal”, we would like to encourage you to safely (re)explore the joy of movement.

We are nestled within Body Kinetics, a welcoming, family-owned health and fitness facility, whose mission is to assist and educate those seeking high caliber movement practices. Our company offers an integrated model in which our Movement U faculty work collaboratively with each of our departments to help ensure your care is comprehensive and continues to help you find your Nth degree.

Our expert faculty offers a diverse educational background, all with rigorous training in a variety of disciplines, including Pilates, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS)  and Z-Health as well as other research-based work. But beyond the extensive education, we are proud that our faculty has the expertise, skill set and commitment to innovate and adapt the Pilates exercise system to best benefit your specific situation and needs.

Pilates Masters 

Yes, we are proud of our faculty’s mastery in Pilates, and of all the times we’ve been named “Best of Marin”. But really, the way we prefer to grade ourselves  is based on the number of Nth degrees our students achieve in a year. That’s what comes when we work together to meet--and perhaps exceed--your movement goals.

Pilates Primer

The Pilates Method was developed by Joseph Pilates (1880-1967) in efforts to provide vitality and wellness through mind-body movement and neuromuscular re-education. It is an exercise system that is based on quality of movement in which awareness, precision and control are stressed over quantity. The principles have evolved to prioritize postural patterning in which motor control, muscle performance and activation are emphasized--all similar concepts to those in most orthopedic rehabilitative and therapeutic settings as well as advanced performance enhancement systems.

Pilates 101

Pilates training develops a high degree of abdominal and back strength, activates the deep, core skeletal muscles, enhances suppleness of the spine and limbs and strengthens overall by increasing neuro-muscular coordination.

By studying the Pilates Method you will gain a cognitive understanding of how the body and mind work together to generate movement of specific muscles, as well as reverse the detrimental effects of timeworn patterning. It is excellent for muscle conditioning, improving overall quality of life, rehabilitating and preventing injuries. Through Pilates you will expand your understanding of  proper alignment, full body integration and what your mind and body can achieve when aligned.


What moves you? For some of us performance means setting a personal best on the Dipsea or hiking on Mt Tam. or Burdell. For others it’s fewer strokes to the green, or increasing the strolling distance at Stinson. The point is, movement is personal. And your road to improved performance should be too.

At Movement U, our faculty starts with hearing about your goals--and challenges. From there, we use our training and observational skills to suggest classes and programs to help you best achieve your performance goals. Our recommendations could include: specific Pilates classes; setting customized private Pilates sessions; or combining Pilates with DNS,  Z-Health or other research-based work or best help you achieve your Nth degree.

(Of course, if you are already a Pilates practitioner and are familiar with classes and programs, we invite you to peruse our schedule and faculty bios and sign up for whatever moves you!)


Movement U Faculty

Johanna Baer

Johanna Baer, Orchestrator of Pilates Progressive Interpretations

What Moves Me

“What moves me is seeing my students, some going beyond 12-15 years now. I care deeply, I know their families, their emotional and physical setbacks,. Every hour is a personal journey for all of us. A support group for fun, fitness and camaraderie..my ongoing intention is to be present for each of them, as I am so grateful to offer them the grace of mobility and a dancers posture.

Johanna spent years training to become a professional ballet dance and studying with the American Conservatory Theater’s youth program. Her efforts lead to many successes including a lead role in an ABS movie, performing with the American Ballet Theater,  Eliot Feld and San Francisco Ballet and ultimately to Pilates.

Today, her students are moved by the inspiration and effect of her choreographic training, which can be Johanna is known as a choreographic specialist who, inspires her with students with a her  dynamic and , fast-paced style, yet encourages safe stretching and movement. She has empathy and sensitivity to physical vulnerabilities and limitations, which  leads ing students to discover their own intensity of movement. Students report that Johanna takes them well beyond what they have achieved previously. encouraging you to stretch and move safely beyond what you thought you could achieve previously.

She has displays empathy and sensitivity to physical vulnerabilities and limitations, which leads ing students to discover their own intensity of movement which leads ing students to discover their own intensity of movement.

But why not see for yourself? We invite you to observe one of her Walk in to watch one of her classes, where you’ll see how her recognized ballet credentials, paired with her senior Pilates tenure at Movement U, result in a unique teaching style –a combination of precision, creativity and demanding dance inspired workouts. Whether you are an athlete, injured, dealing with skeletal complications or simply on the journey to better health, she can tailor a long term plan for you.

Using my vast dance background, I teach in a way that helps students feel fluid in their movement... dancing out of the studio.

Moving U to Results

Based on an initial assessment process, a program will be designed to suit your specific needs and physical objectives. The sessions are never the same to keep you in peak shape and mentally stimulated, preventing the plateau effect across the board. You will be encouraged to cross-train and motivated to go beyond your expectations.
Lane Driscoll

Lane Driscoll, Fit for Function Specialist

What Moves Me

“I am probably, above all, a researcher and and see my students efforts and my own body as an ultimate experiment.

It is amazing how broad-ranged this work can be. I entered this work knowing I wanted it to be my last profession. I strive to be as strong, healthy and active as I can be for as long as I can be and I feel my students seek similar results. My pursuit leads me to glean from resources wherever healthy movement resides.”

Lane’s approach lends itself to the creation of educational communities. Step into a class of hers and you instantly understand that these students are bound together by the common thread of further understanding their bodies. They support one another, they inspire one another and do such because of Lane’s influence. Lane’s investment in her students and their journey is clear. As one of her students phrased it

“Lane has been a role model as a Pilates instructor. She brings clear verbal instructions, she watches over our class and gives individual clarification. When the class is performing out of her desired form she will stop and demonstrate to clean up the form on any particular exercise.

What I most appreciate is her commitment, her adherence to each class being a full body workout. We move in all directions at least once every class. In my view this takes a discipline on her part when planning her classes.

On a personal note she gives part of herself to her students; her humor, her knowledge, even her personal challenges. All of which brings us closer together. Thanks to her for her support of my growth.

When you meet Lane, you know immediately she has a distinct ability to seek out and deliver the information you need and perhaps most refreshingly, what you didn’t know you needed.. She is both intuitive and scientific which allows her to teach from a place of both education and connection with a certain inclination for details that is poignant. She deeply invests in her clients and their journeys.

Utilizing this unique combination of elements, Lane teaches with a  "Fit for Function" approach.  Whatever the desired movement in your life, be it some sport you love or just getting through your work at home, she helps equips her students with the required fitness and healthy movement to back it up.  

Much of this approach originated in Lane’s multi-dimensional interests as a young adult. She holds a degree in biochemistry and while she was working in research, she was also researching her own body as an active athlete. Following an injury, Lane discovered the transformative effect of rehabilitation and distinct bio mechanical focus on her body. She began to see physical activity and movement as precious gifts and essential to well-being.

Moving U to Results

Lane has experience with people of all ages and levels of physical activity.  Her scientific education and dance experience also adds dimension to her Pilates teaching. She believes that the body is always changing, and with

some direction, an open attitude and some work, it can change for the better.  When potential clients come in with a desire for change in a certain way, Lane will help them clarify their goals, and in her capacity as a Pilates teacher, work with them to implement that change. Preliminary sessions will evaluate strengths, weaknesses and imbalances.  As the sessions progress, evaluations will be made to alter the intensity or direction of the exercises, or redefine goals.  Lane has expertise in the areas of ski training; correcting imbalances due to injury or side specific sports; work related posture; maintaining back health; and general fitness for athletes.  Concentration, precision, and control when applied to a challenging Pilates workout can bring balance and natural grace to a client’s movement.

“I use the format of the classical Pilates repertory as a jumping off place and a bar against which I can measure fitness and healthy balanced moment for each individual.  I try to include modern wisdom in altering the classical work for each class and individual in the class.  I teach how to do an exercise, focusing on teaching simple anatomy, skeletal structure and muscle function to help each student feel power to control their bodies.

Movement U Student Testimonial

“I started doing Pilates with Lane Driscoll 2 days a week in January. I also added 3 days a week of Elliptical and/or running. Lane's expertise and encouragement made me keep my commitment to myself. It's been 8 months and I am over 20 pounds lighter- but more important- I feel like myself again. Lane has an intuitive understanding between the connection between physical and mental wellbeing - especially as it relates to limitations. She inspired me to challenge myself- without me even knowing it. I have been thrilled to be able to do things I couldn't do before. Anyone interested in achieving their overall optimal health, including becoming strong, fit and wise, should train with Lane. If your goal is a life change, Lane can help you make it happen.”
Jane Disson

Jane Disson, Certified Pilates Instructor

What Moves Me

Jane is originally from New York City.  She began her study of Pilates in 1999 after sustaining a knee injury and was introduced to the method as part of her post-operative rehabilitation program. She developed a passion for Pilates because of the physical and mental challenges that it provided her, along with the deepened core strength in her body. Inspired by her instructors and wanting to share her personal experience with others she became a Body Arts and Sciences Institute (BASI) certified instructor in 2007.  In addition to teaching Pilates, Jane works in technology for a large bank in San Francisco.

Moving U to Results

Jane views her Pilates certification as the beginning rather than the end. She continues to deepen her understanding of the method and to enhance her teaching skills with continuing education courses. Each time she works on her own Pilates practice Jane discovers something new, and she is thrilled to be able to share that with others. Pilates is her passion, and her mission is to inspire and empower clients on their own Pilates journeys. She works to encourage them as they open their minds and learn to let go and allow their bodies to move without fear or restriction. That way, her clients take home the joy of the work, and not just the exercise.

When we practice Pilates, we work to uniformly develop the body, engaging ALL the muscles in a way that makes us stronger and more flexible. Pilates heightens awareness of our bodies and the way we move on a day to day basis. With this knowledge, we stay connected to our inner selves which improve every aspect of our lives.

Movement U Student Testimonial

"I’ve been working out with Jane for a couple of years now, and have benefited from her “hands-on” style of Pilates training. She’s not the kind of trainer who just calls out the exercises and lets you get away with doing them in a lazy manner. Jane has a careful eye for detail, catches flaws in your form, and corrects those flaws with clear instructions so that you work the right muscles and joints that the exercises are designed to target. Her approach helps me get the most out of my workouts, which is important when a busy schedule only allows so much time in the gym. At the same time, Jane’s engaging personality and encouragement make the workouts fun and keep me coming back.”
Antoinetta DiMeo

Antoinetta DiMeo, Pilates Instructor

What Moves Me:

What moves me is helping people and being of service.

I was in the food industry for decades in many different roles; which is definitely in service of others.

Then I made jewelry, which allowed a cultivation and growth of creativity but it didn't feel in alignment with my desire to help others.

Pilates, DNS, Restorative Exercise is the path I have chosen at this point in my life which fuses my creativity and desire to help and support others. I feel I can give back through a passion of mine that has always been part of my being and core.

I feel honored and privileged to have this opportunity with the Body Kinetics community.

Moving U to Results

My approach focuses on building the foundation of the core through optimal breathing, alignment and movement. You will experience the importance of breath; the importance of the diaphragm and it’s direct connection to the pelvic floor.

When these are in proper alignment it encourages the postural muscles of the torso to activate. When breath activates the core, we support the spinal column, when we support the spinal column we support movement.

Proper alignment puts us in the best biodynamic arrangement to deal with loads causing the least damage to our joints. 

Therefore, my aim is to wake up areas that have deactivated and calm down areas that are overworking thereby helping you to create even activation of the anterior and posterior muscles of the body.

Movement U Student Testimonial

“Antoinetta brings to Pilates a lifetime of body and movement wisdom from dance and other disciplines. I find her observations and instructions extremely insightful regarding my alignment and mechanics. In terms of exercises, she introduces new material which helps me translate what I do in the studio directly into my movement out in the world, gradually correcting difficult, long-term compensation patterns. Antoinetta is a pleasure to work with.”
-Ann Caviness
Rebecca Bonnel

Rebecca Bonnel, Professional Pilates Teacher, BASI

What Moves Me

Rebecca decided to leave the corporate world and focus on what she really enjoys – working with people. Rebecca began taking Pilates classes and discovered that this was a path she could pursue to achieve her goal of helping others with physical development that will better their lives.  She has done gymnastics, has ridden horses, has bicycled and loves hiking.  She knows the importance of developing a strong body and building endurance in order to live an active lifestyle.  She has also endured injuries that required some rehabilitation and is aware that a strong body heals faster and also helps prevent unnecessary injuries.

Rebecca earned a Masters in Human Development and before transitioning into the corporate world she was a tutor for autistic children and volunteered in special education classrooms.  These experiences have given her the skills and confidence to work with a variety of people.  Consequently, she has an extremely heartfelt approach to helping her clients with their goals and is a very compassionate individual who wants each client to feel successful in their progression of movement.  

Moving U to Results

At your introductory meeting, Rebecca will discuss with you what your fitness goals are and what you would like to accomplish.  She is a detail-oriented practitioner who gears towards combining her bio-mechanical inclinations with her eagerness to understand each of her client’s journey.  Most importantly, she will encourage you to achieve the goals you have set forth and will be equally committed to working with you throughout your journey.  She will evaluate/discuss with you your limitations, if any, and will work with you to overcome those challenges so you can be successful in meeting your goals.  Your individualized program will be routinely re evaluated and adjusted as you continue to meet your goals while building your strength and endurance.  She hopes to make your workout challenging enough to reach your goals, but also to build a desire to continue to pursue physical activity to live better.

Movement U Student Testimonial

I began taking Pilates reformer and mat classes with Rebecca several months ago. I am recovering from a serious medical condition and practicing Pilates has been very instrumental in regaining my health. I want to recognize Rebecca for the patience and kindness she has shown me during this process. She has played an important role in my life the past few months with my recovery. Her classes are excellent. She skillfully creates an environment that allows each student to develop and learn. She is always well prepared and provides a variety of new exercises for the class to learn. She makes us really enjoy the time we spend with her and the others in class. And she is always, always smiling! I really could go on and on….I am extremely grateful to have her as my instructor and in my life. It’s a pleasure to practice and learn from Rebecca.
Marisa Myer

Marisa Myer, Pain and Movement Specialist

What Moves Me:

“I enjoy helping people dramatically improve their body mechanics to reduce and resolve pain, to move past plateaus, towards recovery and optimizing function. I’ve had my own fair share of injuries before turning 30. I was lucky to come across great physiotherapist teachers from the Prague School of Rehabilitation who have helped me to completely retrain how I use my spine, hips and nearly every other joint in my body.”

Marisa’s biomechanical knowledge paired with her patience, kindness and compassion creates an atmosphere of learning and healing that her students describe as profoundly effective, educational, safe, rewarding and memorable.

An avid athlete through her youth, Marisa’s sensitivity to her body led her to quickly appreciate the power of Pilates to help her with flexibility, strength, coordination and balance. Marisa loves to train people how to integrate ideal body mechanics and exercise into everyday life and activities.

Marisa is a certified massage therapist, Pilates instructor (CPT), DNS Exercise Trainer, Z-Health Trainer, NASM Personal Trainer (CPT) and Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES). She is constantly continuing her education with functional exercise systems, neuroscience and bodywork.

Moving U to Results

“It is primarily about teaching our bodies to be maximally connected. When we are completely kinetically connected, loads and pressure placed on us are smoothly distributed throughout the body. This dramatically strengthens us instead of breaking parts down and leading to injury.”

In private sessions Marisa incorporates bodywork that helps to release tightness and blend Pilates with other dynamic strengthening exercises. She has studied extensively with the Prague School of Rehabilitation, in which Neurophysiologists teach exercises (DNS) based on developmental kinesiology. With adult exercises inspired from ideal development, your low abs, back, glutes, neck and shoulders will want to do these every day.

“To be able to help empower people to get out of their own physical pain when nothing else seemed to work, and in turn achieve their fitness goals, has been incredibly rewarding. I combine DNS and neuroscience (based on Z-health) with Pilates to help clients integrate proper body mechanics and intelligent movement with their everyday life.”

Movement U Student Testimonial

“I began seeing Marisa for Pilates sessions once a week to help manage the pain, imbalance and fatigue I've been suffering from Fibromialgia. Our exercise routine includes bodywork for the painful distortions of my feet and compromised posture. Through our work my posture has improved and I have more mobility in my feet my general level of pain has lessened. She has been extremely responsive to my special needs and has developed ways of working with me which are both safe and beneficial.  I am so grateful to the gods of good fortune who introduced us!”

Nina Joly, Personal Trainer

About Me

Nina has been in the fitness industry for 25 years as a group exercise instructor and 8 years as a Pilates personal trainer.  As a child growing up, she received ballet training and grew to love ballet and dance.  She is certified in a number of formats, including cardio kickboxing, TRX, cycling, dance fitness and aqua. Her passion for Pilates started when she hired an instructor to teach Pilates Mat and apparatus classes at the club she directed. A combination of Fitness and Pilates gave her the inspiration to train with Carol Appel at Mill Valley Athletic Club (now Body Kinetics).  Nina believes that Fitness plus Pilates equals the Fountain of Youth.  No matter what age (which is just a number), she promises to deliver quality programs that achieve results and are FUN.