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What moves you? For some of us performance means setting a personal best on the Dipsea or hiking on Mt Tam. or Burdell. For others it’s fewer strokes to the green, or increasing the strolling distance at Stinson. The point is, movement is personal. And your road to improved performance should be too.

At Movement U, our faculty starts with hearing about your goals--and challenges. From there, we use our training and observational skills to suggest classes and programs to help you best achieve your performance goals. Our recommendations could include: specific Pilates classes; setting customized private Pilates sessions; or combining Pilates with DNS,  Z-Health or other research-based work or best help you achieve your Nth degree.

(Of course, if you are already a Pilates practitioner and are familiar with classes and programs, we invite you to peruse our schedule and faculty bios and sign up for whatever moves you!)

What are you interested in?