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Our Mill Valley Personal Trainers

John headshot 2016.jpg

John Hoeber, Personal Trainer

About Me

John is celebrating 25 years as a Personal Trainer and 30 years as a Registered Dietitian. During that time he has been able to help people of all ages and ability levels. In 2018 he won recognition in the Marin Independent Journal Readers Choice Awards. He specializing in weight loss, exercise for injuries, and fitness programs for beginners and athletes.

Certifications: Registered Dietitian 1988 – present, Certified Specialist Sports Dietitian (ADA), Advanced Certificate in Weight Loss (ADA), Elite Personal Trainer 1993 – present, Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM), Wellness Coach (Wellcoaches), Sports Performance Enhancement Specialist (NASM), Golf Fitness Instructor (TPI level 2)

How We'll Get Results

Accelerating your Fitness is a matter of working out smarter not harder. You must begin by correcting imbalances or you will get injured and derail your progress. I can guide you safely and efficiently through the stages of fitness to reach your ultimate vision. The bottom line is that you will get more out of the things you love to do.

With Weight Loss Coaching we'll get results by putting you in the drivers seat. I find most people have the wisdom to know what habits they need to change. With my help as coach providing guidance, structure and accountability you will make and own the critical decisions. I help increase your courage and motivation to make those changes.

Client Testimonial

“If you are serious about making changes to your life but are not sure where to turn, I would highly recommend John. His knowledge of exercise and nutrition is outstanding. By applying common sense to my already active life style he helped me identify areas for improvement in both my diet and exercise program that allowed me to rapidly achieve my goals. With this knowledge comes sincerity and approachability that truly makes you realize that your goals are achievable.” Mark lost 63 pounds in 15 weeks!



Ellen Karpay-Brody, Personal Trainer

About Me

Ellen is guided by "It's not what you've got.... it's what you do with it". Her fitness accomplishments span numerous mediums. Ellen parents three (3) young children, has completed numerous endurance events (8 Ironman triathlons), is a published fitness author, owned/operated a small (food) business, taught middle and high school physical education (NYC), played intercollegiate sports, and attained a  B.S. degree in physical education (U of Florida). Ellen is certified by ACSM and NASM. 

How We'll Get Results

Her attention to detail and caring interest for helping others to create their optimum energy and health are what make Ellen an engaging, successful trainer. Ellen understands what it takes to balance life's responsibilities with regard for one's health and fitness. An educator at heart, Ellen uses her athlete's state-of-mind to push her clients "a little bit beyond what they accustomed to" to achieve their desired results.

Ellen meets clients at their fitness level, wherever it may be at the time, and progresses them. She helps them define goals that are meaningful and significant to their lives. She applies the scientifically proven concepts of NASM and ACSM with robust creativity.

Client Testimonial

"When I first went to Ellen I had no intention of long-term training. Then she showed me how my strength and balance weren't headed in a positive direction, how much energy I put into years of dieting, and that I could feel better.

I liked the challenges she gave me, the creative exercises. She made me use muscles I didn't even know I had, I've lost 18 lbs. and maintained it. Now I'm fit and thin for the rest of my life.

The commitment I made to fitness training was well-worth it. I could have spent that money to go to France for 5 weeks. That every single day I can feel like this is worth that amount of money or more. Ellen motivates me to continue.... She's given me confidence."


Edyta Headshot 2016.jpg

Edyta Saltsman, Personal Trainer

About Me

Edyta's love for health and fitness started as a young girl growing up in Poland where she rode horses and danced almost every day of the week. Upon moving to California in 2002, she decided to get certified through NASM to become a fitness trainer and motivate others to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Her goals were to provide clients with the best in personal fitness such as personal training as well as various cardio and strength training classes. She still rides horses and considers Latin dancing her greatest and most healthy addiction. She has competed at most renowned salsa competitions such as US Salsa Open or Latin World Cup, she directs her own salsa team and enjoys social dancing. As competitive dancing requires incredible amount of strength, flexibility and endurance. She spends a lot of time in the gym to get ready to perform on stage. She strongly believes that anyone can achieve any goal if they just put their mind into it. She is there to motivate and encourage her clients to make their fitness dreams a reality. There is nothing more rewarding to her than seeing the clients get healthier and stronger.

How We'll Get Results

After surviving a few horseback riding accidents Edyta realized that you have nothing unless you have your health. With that in mind, she strives to create workout programs for all different kinds of people. Whether your goal is to get stronger, lose weight, or recover from injuries, Edyta will help develop a workout program that is tailored to your needs. Her training encompasses the elements of BALANCE, FLEXIBILITY, CARDIOVASCULAR, STRENGTH, and ENDURANCE to provide you with a successful and well-balanced fitness session. Edyta’s ability to motivate clients to achieve higher levels of performance, while making exercise fun and effective, is one of the reasons that she has had so much success helping people achieve their goals, which in turn has helped them continue to lead healthier and therefore, happier lifestyles. Depending on her clients' achievements Edyta checks and reevaluates their goals on regular basis, setting new targets for them to aspire to. You can always get stronger!

Client Testimonial

"I started personal training work with Edyta about 5 years ago. My then 12-year old daughter, wanted to know what we did at the gym and I wanted to encourage healthy life choices. We started working out together with Edyta who made time together both challenging and fun. We spent as much time laughing as we did groaning. Her words of encouragement: "Come on girls just 10 more reps!" We have both trimmed down and gotten stronger. I enjoy working out with Edyta because: 1) She makes our workouts fun and challenging. 2) She constantly comes up with new exercises. 3) We've used every piece of equipment at the gym. 4) She's given us great nutritional advice. 5) She has such a warm and upbeat personality. 6) She makes you believe that you can do anything!”


Demi headshot cropped 2016.jpg

Démi Gregg, Personal Trainer

About Me:

Démi discovers what motivates his clients to exercise and then uses his extensive education and expertise to create the perfect exercise program. Whether it is to alleviate pain due to injury, assist in balancing postural, muscular and biomechanical imbalances, or increase strength, stamina and flexibility he can help you. He is genuine, authentic, caring and trusting, always present and engaged.

My Education and Experience includes being a Personal Trainer certified by NASM, Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor, Iyengar TTP- the most extensive Yoga Teacher Training Program in the world, Neuro kinetic therapy, massage, and kinesiology.

How We'll Get Results:

Démi brings a strong personal background of training from his experience as an athlete, world traveler, and yoga practitioner.  He has always strived to be the healthiest and fittest possible. From an early age he has participated and excelled in many different sports as well as enjoying surfing, rock climbing, and kayaking. This led to the realization that physical and mental wellness is one of the most important things to consider in one’s life. The many years of teaching Yoga throughout the word (California, London, Spain, Thailand, New York, Florida ect.) brought his teaching skills and awareness to the next level bringing an additional level of knowledge to his personal training and instruction of his clients. Démi has attended multiple fitness workshops including Neuro Kinetic Therapy, and recently graduated from the 3 Iyengar teacher training program he has been taking. He also earned his Corrective Exercise Specialist Certification and Fitness Nutrition Specialist Certification.

Client Testimonial:

“My shoulder got injured last year and I needed someone with the knowledge and skill to bring me back to 100%. Démi was that person.  He was amazing- he has a great sense of humor and is also very serious about accomplishing the goals we set out together.  He was patient and also made sure I was getting what I needed throughout the workouts. I have made a full recovery and also a great friend.  I decided to continue training with him and I feel better than ever before.”


Kelly headshot 2016 3.jpg

Kelly Guyton, Personal Trainer

About Me

Kelly has been active throughout her life and has always had a passion for fitness. She played sports in her youth and was a runner for many years. After sustaining an injury to her foot she had to pursue other avenues for staying in shape. She discovered the world of resistance training and was amazed with the impact it made on her weight and body composition. Working with personal trainers at Body Kinetics, she was able to advance her training program and achieve results she might not have achieved on her own. As a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, she now wants to share that experience with others and is excited about the prospect of helping clients achieve their health and fitness goals.

How We'll Get Results

Kelly brings a lifetime of enthusiasm for fitness as well as a goal-oriented approach to achieving results. Her philosophy is that you can get in shape at any age as long as you are willing to work hard, be open to new ways of training the body and have fun along the way.

In your first session, Kelly will get to know you and get a clear understanding of your short term and long term fitness and lifestyle goals. From there, she will design a program customized to achieving your goals. Assessments will be an on-going part of the process so that the training program can be progressed to your advancements. Your workouts will be fun but challenging and Kelly will push you beyond where you might normally go on your own to help ensure you meet your goals.

Client Testimonial

"Training with Kelly is a pleasure! She is fun, adaptable and thoughtful in her customized workout plans. Kelly has a unique way of making workouts challenging and enjoyable. She created a specialized workout plan when I was recovering from an injury and has taught me some tremendously helpful tricks that I use daily to improve my posture and form. Kelly’s training includes a lot of variety that keeps me mentally engaged and motivated. I find I push myself but it does not feel like a grind. I consistently think ‘Wow, that was great,” after a session with Kelly." -Jody Burr


Gigi Tischbern, Personal Trainer

About Me

Gigi is a San Francisco native, raised in Germany and Seattle, where her love for snow skiing and tennis (having played both in high school and college) began at an early age. After moving back to Marin, she quickly adapted to the great outdoor lifestyle here and it continues to play an important role in her everyday passionate philosophy of “move it or lose it”!  Gigi and her husband have enjoyed competing in several Triathlons and she is also enthusiastic about fitness conventions, lap swimming, yoga, mountain biking, boogie boarding, backpacking and dogs.

Gigi has completed the Apprentice Trainer Program at Body Kinetics and is NASM Certified.

How We'll Get Results

Never having been a big believer of Gyms, it wasn’t until a work related lower back injury in Gigi’s  early thirties, prompted her husband to patiently take her through all the machines, MANY times! She became addicted to everything about staying strong, healthy and fit and is continuously amazed at how the body can heal, with proper workout techniques and careful coaxing. This developed into a passion to motivate others to improve the quality of their lives, accomplishing health and fitness goals: injury free. She also strongly feels that the workouts should be encouraging and fun, learning something new each session to keep it interesting!

Many years of personal weight training, weight management and balance/cardio/strength classes have brought Gigi to a greater level of awareness in setting realistic goals, both for herself and others. She is dedicated to the success of each of her clients, skilled and confident in working with all ages and fitness abilities, designing the workout program to compliment their individual needs.

Client Testimonial

"I am 77 and Gigi has been my Trainer for 5 years. During that time, I have had two major joint surgeries, both of which Gigi helped me prepare for and recover from, I’m now feeling stronger than ever! My Daughter-in-Law and my Granddaughter (16 years) now both love working with Gigi as well. She listens, works with you to achieve your goals by using her knowledge, encouragement and patience. Best of all, she helps you develop a healthier lifestyle by creating a program just for you." -Sally Williams

"In the years I have trained with Gigi, she has never failed to deliver a creative, challenging and dynamic workout. She has pushed the limits of both what I can do and what I think I can do. I’m tougher and stronger both physically and mentally as a result of working out with her." -Kate Wheble



Jeff Guthmiller, Personal Trainer

About Me

Growing up in an active family, sports and fitness have long been an important part of Jeff’s life.  As a college athlete at Kansas University, he learned the importance of proper training, nutrition, and rest to enhance performance, prevent injury, and generally feel great. His fascination with the complexity and capability of the human body drives him to continuously learn, practice, and help empower others to reach new levels of health and fitness.  When not in the gym, Jeff loves to run, bike, snowboard, travel and play in the great outdoors.  

How We'll get Results

As a NASM certified personal trainer and graduate of the Body Kinetics Apprentice Trainer Program, Jeff brings valuable hands-on experience and the ability to work with clients of all fitness levels.  Whether you are a seasoned athlete, or just getting into a fitness routine, he will listen closely to your goals, assess your current condition, and create a custom plan that gets results.  Jeff will develop an integrated strategy that emphasizes precise form, flexibility, balance, and a strong core foundation on which to safely and effectively build strength and stamina.  With progressive, challenging functional movements, Jeff will help you achieve your goals, whether it’s gaining strength, losing weight, or simply being able to do the activities you love to do- even better.  He is committed to the success of his clients and provides guidance motivation, and support along the way.  Jeff looks forward to sharing his enthusiasm for fitness and enabling his clients to improve their health, performance, and quality of life.

Client Testimonial

“Jeff Guthmiller is a very thoughtful, motivating trainer who helped me overcome an injury with a training program that still challenged me. Over the last two months, I have made significant improvements in my fitness and strength while remaining injury free and have Jeff to thank for this! Jeff is very friendly, a good listener, and fun to work with and I would recommend him to anyone.”



Leonie LaPoint, Personal Trainer

About Me

Leonie's passion is to inspire people to better health. She is patient and nurturing, and her nonstop enthusiasm makes her well-equipped to inspire others and work with them to achieve healthier lives. She has several years' experience helping people increase their health and wellness and is an NASM certified personal trainer.

As a little girl Leonie loved gymnastics, swimming, and jiu jitsu, practices that started her on an active life style she continues today. As she realized how exercise increased her own health and happiness she wanted more and more to inspire others to take action to improve their own lives.

How We'll Get Results

"Health and fitness are the keys to feeling good and living happy, successful lives.“ says Leonie. "I want to guide and encourage people on their journey to their health and fitness goals."

Leonie creates a personalized training program tailored to your specific goals and needs. The workouts we do are fun and functional, building strenght and endurance, helping you on your way to where you want to go. Training with Leonie will give you reasons to brag about your results!

Client Testimonial

“Leonie is a very positive person. I feel proud of my accomplishments when I work out with her.  I’ve improved my core strength, upper body strength including biceps and triceps, agility and balance.  People tell me I look great and I feel terrific too, all of which I attribute to both my hard work and Leonie’s training style and knowledge. Thanks, Leonie!”



Mary Rawles, Personal Trainer

About Me

Mary came to an active lifestyle as a young adult. She has been a runner, triathlete, master swimmer, snow and water skier, windsurfer, ballet dancer, soccer player, hiker, and golfer. Her fitness base has always involved training at a gym... Weight lifting, Pilates, yoga, spin, body sculpting, and boot camp type classes.

During middle age, raising children and working, she fell out of shape, gained weight, and suffered health problems. After knee surgery she was advised to limit activities. Instead she opted to lose weight, joined a gym, and began cycling. She set long term goals to be fit for the rest of her life. Eventually she lost 50 pounds. Getting fit changed her appearance, her vitality, her life.

How We'll Get Results

Mary is a personal trainer at age 66 because she wants to help you to have a healthy “rest of your life.” She is a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and completed Body Kinetics’ Apprentice Personal Trainer program. Previously, Mary worked as a risk manager for local governments overseeing injured employee claims for physical therapy and medical treatment. She set up employee wellness and injury prevention seminars. Subsequently, she was a teacher in the San Rafael School District for many years. She brings her love of teaching, awareness of injuries and body limitations, and her joy for physical activity to personal training.

Mary believes an exercise program addressing core strength, flexibility, proper alignment, balance, and aerobic capacity produces a more youthful, limber body, greater range of motion, good posture, healthy skin, and more energy as well as reducing the chance of injury in daily life. Mary will help you set measurable goals and track your progress. She will design a challenging program drawn from her broad fitness interests that will emphasize total body exercises, introduce new equipment, and advocate exercises using your own bodyweight to develop strength and balance. When appropriate, exercises will be performed in a circuit type, high intensity style that efficiently builds strength and enhances fat burning. Change your fitness, change your life!

Client Testimonial

“Wow. Sign up with Mary now. She is the get out of jail free card. My personal mental prison was full of... I want, I will never, I am so unhappy with... My health, my looks, my lack of stamina, my middle aged muffin top, blah blah, blah. No need for me to be unhappy in my own body any longer! I am inspired by Mary who is actually older than your child or me! Mary is committed to working, empowering, encouraging, strengthening, cheering on my original jelly self! Ha, ha. That was me. Now I can laugh about it. I was seriously impressed at the age, grace and physical health Mary possesses. Not only that, she gives a great stretching after my sweaty workout. Ahhh. Miss Mary. Sign up now.” 

Tom Headshot cropped.jpg

Tom Borromeo, Personal Trainer

About Me

After a series of injuries in his early 50s, Tom faced a decision: Should he continue training the way he had been and risk further injury, or should he slow down and chalk up the experience to advancing middle age? The answer turned out to be neither. Instead, he decided to learn how his injuries occurred and find safer ways to train. This led him to becoming a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, then obtaining additional NASM certifications in Senior Fitness and Corrective Exercise. He continues his studies, and also continues to train hard (and pain-free). He enjoys sharing what he has learned with others.

How We'll Get Results

As a trainer I strive to create an encouraging and supportive environment in which we’ll clarify your long-term goals, set interim milestones, and give you the tools to achieve them as quickly and safely as possible. I focus on good form, consistent effort and accountability. But I also stress the importance of humor, mindful movement, empathy and self-compassion. No matter your age or current physical condition, you can achieve greater levels of strength, flexibility, balance and ease of movement. The key is to create a training routine that’s personally tailored to your body, your lifestyle and your desired results.Together, we’ll work to make sure you master proper movement not only for the gym, but for all facets of your life.

Client Testimonial

“Tom helped me go from weak and flabby to fit and strong, and most importantly he helped me get there safely and with a sustainable workout. I have seen many trainers over the years, but no one was able to get and accommodate my limitations so that I could achieve an effective, safe workout. Whenever we worked on an exercise that even slightly aggravated an injury he pulled out something new that miraculously worked. His knowledge of the body and different tools for achieving fitness sets him apart from every personal trainer I’ve worked with in the past.

Working with Tom, you feel his sincere devotion to his profession and to you as his client. His goal was so clearly to develop the perfect workout for me so that I could go off on my own. He is selfless, bright, down-to-earth, and wants to help people find lasting fitness. As I tell family and friends who want to get fit, you would be lucky to work with him.”