Experience Personal Training at Body Kinetics Novato

You can be at your best with the right personal training program. We have specialized in personal training since 1990, always on the forefront of training techniques. Our Personal Trainers are well educated, experienced professionals who work with clients of all abilities - from the beginner to the elite athlete; young or old; healthy or those dealing with injury or illness. We require our personal trainers to hold a Personal Training certificate from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and we use their Optimum Performance Training model to bring out your best.

Your Best Personal Training Experience
Our personal trainers are some of the highest qualified in Novato and Marin County, and also the most creative. We collaborate to constantly modify and adapt new exercises to add dimensions that you never thought you could attain. Your workouts will be challenging and rewarding. Our studio is bright, comfortable and inspiring, and our staff will make you feel welcome. Personal training is not something we do, for us it is a way of life. 

What Are Your Goals?
Just beginning or restarting? To get started right the first thing we should be concerned with is developing consistency in our personal training program. Reinforcing new attitudes and habits is something our trainers deal with all the time. The exercises in your personal training program need to wake up inactive muscles while releasing chronically overused ones in order to rebalance the body and strengthen it without injury. Your body will feel vibrant right away and you'll be less stressed and more productive. Soon you will look forward to your personal training sessions.

Losing Weight and Increasing Muscle Tone
It seems almost everyone comes in with this goal in mind. Toning up your muscles and feeling stronger will happen quickly with 2-3 strength workouts per week. Weight loss takes more work, and your personal training program should include strength training to gain muscle and increase metabolism, cardiovascular exercise to burn calories, and diet changes. Our fitness director is a Registered Dietitian and makes sure all of our personal trainers can help you stay on track with your diet goals. You can also see him for consultations or take his Weight Loss Boot Camp. 

Recovering from Injury
In our clientele nearly everyone has some kind of past injury. Our Personal Trainers are experienced at modifying the exercises in your personal training to bring you increasing levels of ability and fitness while preventing relapse. We have regular staff training by Physical Therapists. Several of our trainers have worked in rehabilitation and work closely with your Therapist to insure continued progress during post rehabilitation. 

Getting Healthier and Being More Active
Perhaps your goal is not to be an athlete, but simply to be healthy and active while living life to it's fullest. That's the second most common goal our clients report, so we've had a lot of experience with this kind of personal training programs. Our Personal Training programs integrate many forms of training to improve your strength, balance, flexibility, agility, coordination, stability, quickness, and endurance. So, go out and do more of the activities that light your fire, with better fitness you'll get more out of them. 

Personal Training and Improving Your Game
We create individualized programs for both competitive and recreational athletes. Most athletes make the mistake of concentrating overly on sport specific exercises at the expense of base conditioning, core stability, balance and flexibility. The proper fitness program will improve your competitive edge, reduce your chance of injury, and make it more fun. 

Personal Training and The Older Athlete
At our club in Mill Valley, We have many clients in their 60's and 70's, in fact our oldest client ever was 98. Studies show even those in their 90's can increase muscle mass, strength, balance and agility. It's never too late to start, but starting off right is important. One of the best parts of our job is creatively designing a personal training program for someone with a lifetime of past injuries and health concerns.

Our Novato Personal Trainers

Connor headshot 2019

Connor Waggoner, Personal Trainer

About Me

My passion for fitness originated at a young age from a very active lifestyle. A love for competing in sports developed my appreciation for the role of fitness in a healthy lifestyle. A collegiate football scholarship allowed me to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology, emphasizing in teaching/coaching. This education kick-started my fitness career with the abilities to help clients reach their desires in the most efficient ways possible. Rehabilitation from two knee surgeries enlightened me with personal experience and knowledge in corrective exercise, as well as the importance of injury prevention. 

How We'll get results

Connor has over three years experience in strength and conditioning, body boot-camp, low impact group training classes, personal training and athletic coaching. Hundreds of hours dedicated to each of these fitness and sporting realms has helped Connor develop an integrated approach that suits all ages and levels of fitness. The display of positive attitudes and the eagerness to improve is what motivates him to consistently discover and innovate ways to push individuals towards their personal goals.

Clients will succeed in achieving their specific fitness or weight loss goals by receiving an individualized program incorporating dynamic exercise, innovative cardio methods, and “pre”-habilitation movements. Assessing each client based upon their fitness history and aspirations will allow Connor to design a program that suits each individual’s needs. His vision is to educate each individual in the most effective methods for their body and build a foundation for continued lifelong fitness.

Client Testimonial

"Connor came into my life after years of struggling with weight loss and consistent strength gain. He created a great program that helped me shed over 30lbs of unwanted fat and feel stronger than I ever have in my life! His energy and creative workouts helped bring fitness back into my life and I now look forward to every workout because of it!”

Roberta Rogers, Personal Trainer

About Me

Not long after graduating from Sonoma State, Roberta was taking a seminar with Landmark Education, using the tools and structure of the seminar; she began a journey that lead her  to losing 80 pounds!  Having struggled with weight her whole life, Roberta’s life was completely altered this.  After losing the weight herself, she saw that empowering others is exactly how she wanted to spend her life.  Helping people reach their health and fitness goals, and not be stopped by their physical state is exciting!  Roberta loves hiking and exploring the world around her. 

How We'll get results

In her prior career as an assistant in special education classrooms, as well as using her training from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and the Apprentice Trainer Program here at Body Kinetics, Roberta is skilled and confident in working with people of all abilities. In your first meeting you will discuss what is important to you and what you would like to accomplish. You will do a few assessments so that Roberta can design a program that is specific to you, your needs and your goals. Each meeting you will have a workout tailored to you and progress you as you gain strength and endurance. Your workouts will be fun and encouraging and together you will create a plan for the week so that you are always working towards your goals.

Client Testimonial

“I had suffered a ski accident breaking both legs requiring surgery in April or 2011.  I was not capable of exercise until this year in April. I truly needed more help regaining my balance and walking correctly again, than physical therapy was providing.  So I decided to hire Roberta as my trainer. I have been working with Roberta once a week and cannot say enough about how significant a decision this was.  She understood my mobility issues and designed each session to increase my balance and ability to walk correctly again.  She did this a professional caring and encouraging sessions. I have learned the correct use of machines and I have a tailored variety of workouts that I can do on my own.”
Tim Schmidt

Tim Schmidt, Personal Trainer

About Me

Having spent my youth hiking, running, and biking through the Sierras that shadowed my hometown, I discovered my affinity and passion for fitness and outdoor adventure early. My innate enjoyment of people makes this a love I want to share. The combination creates a natural fit for me as a personal trainer. I thrive on guiding others to realize their potential.

How We'll Get Results

My conviction is that well-integrated exercise provides the backbone, not only for physical well-being, but also mental and emotional well-being.

As an NASM certified personal trainer, my focus is on the uniqueness of each person’s body type and ability. Before designing an exercise program, I conduct a thorough assessment, so that together we can identify your strengths, weaknesses, and needs, which will enable us to set attainable goals.

Through our work together you will experience greater energy, motivation, strength, and flexibility. We will address several facets of health and fitness including body weight and composition, endurance, as well as muscle imbalances. Your program will be safe and fun, but challenging, as we zero in on reaching your goals.

Client Testimonial

“Tim is personable, patient, kind, funny and very knowledgeable. He is a great motivator and is very careful to work within my limitations, while at the same time targeting those areas that need to be improved. Most importantly, his focus is on me and not on his own agenda, providing a system which has allowed me to continuously grow and improve. I am a huge fan!”

Leonie LaPoint, Personal Trainer

About Me

Leonie's passion is to inspire people to better health. She is patient and nurturing, and her nonstop enthusiasm makes her well-equipped to inspire others and work with them to achieve healthier lives. She has several years' experience helping people increase their health and wellness and is an NASM certified personal trainer.

As a little girl Leonie loved gymnastics, swimming, and jiu jitsu, practices that started her on an active life style she continues today. As she realized how exercise increased her own health and happiness she wanted more and more to inspire others to take action to improve their own lives.

How We'll Get Results

"Health and fitness are the keys to feeling good and living happy, successful lives.“ says Leonie. "I want to guide and encourage people on their journey to their health and fitness goals."

Leonie creates a personalized training program tailored to your specific goals and needs. The workouts we do are fun and functional, building strenght and endurance, helping you on your way to where you want to go. Training with Leonie will give you reasons to brag about your results!

Client Testimonial

“Leonie is a very positive person. I feel proud of my accomplishments when I work out with her.  I’ve improved my core strength, upper body strength including biceps and triceps, agility and balance.  People tell me I look great and I feel terrific too, all of which I attribute to both my hard work and Leonie’s training style and knowledge. Thanks, Leonie!”

Daniel Rauck, Personal Trainer

About Me

I began teaching yoga in 2004 and started training one on one shortly thereafter. I have a deep passion for the health that inevitably arises from properly aligned, conscious movement. My passion is expressed by sharing these methods of exercise with others. Nothing gives me a greater sense of gratitude or accomplishment than when people express what a difference it has made in their lives.

How We'll Get Results

By first assessing your current state and balancing that against your goals we will determine how to proceed in order to obtain your optimal health.  An array of various training techniques, including cardio, weights, balance and flexibility will all compliment each other toward making you into a fit, well-balanced individual. Special attention will be paid to any injuries or physical limitations so as to not aggravate them. We will even employ some corrective exercises so as to overcome them. Together we will create a comprehensive plan that will measure progress toward your goals. Part of the workout must include working out on your own and we will plan out exactly what to do, how to do it and how often, based on the results you want to see. As we ate working toward your specific goals, don't be surprised if you find yourself enjoying a balance of health, happiness and harmony.

Client Testimonial

“My life has been transformed since I began taking Daniel's classes a few years ago. I decided to do some private sessions as well to cover some things we don't always do in class. Daniel's enthusiasm is truly contagious!”

Nicol Brescia, Personal Trainer

About Me

For as long as I can remember I have always been active, playing sports, biking and just enjoying life. Being an athlete introduced me to training at an early age. Weight and endurance training has been a part of my life for over 20 years and has helped me in many aspects of my life.  In 2011, I suffered a compression fracture in my lower vertebra.  I strongly feel that being in prime physical condition prevented this injury from being much worse than it could have been and attributed to me being back at the gym within 30 days and fully recovered within 3 months of my injury. I want everyone to have this advantage, as well as all the other benefits an exercise routine can provide.

How We'll Get Results

A proper exercise routine can help you achieve a happier and more balanced life, providing you with a strong base to reach your health and performance goals. Everyone, no matter their fitness level or abilities, can benefit from increased physical activity and I strive to provide every client with a program that is effective and appropriate, but allows them to feel comfortable, safe, empowered and have some fun while doing it! We’ll start with a meeting to discuss what is important to you and what you would like to accomplish. After a few assessments, I will put together a progression program designed specifically for your needs and goals.

Client Testimonial

“Nicol Brescia is truly an excellent trainer.  She is a solid combination of tough - some workouts are BRUTAL - and warm, she is incredibly supportive and kind. It's not just a workout - it's an experience. I was strictly a runner and cardio-girl before I started working with Nicol. Because of her dedicated efforts, I am stronger mentally and physically, and my running has become even stronger and faster.  She works the entire person - mentally, emotionally and physically - and she's fun.  I recommend Nicol Brescia to anyone and everyone without reservation.” 

Rachael Brackett, Personal Trainer

About Me

As a student currently enrolled in Santa Rosa Junior College Kinesiology program, Rachael's health and wellness background and education only continues to grow and progress. Certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and trained through Body Kinetics' Apprenticeship Personal Training program, Rachael creates sessions that are not only fun and unique but also specifically tailored to her clients distinct needs and goals. Experienced in clients of all ages and fitness backgrounds, she is there for anyone needing general strength training all the way to athletes training for specific sports. Rachael began her own health journey fresh out of high school completely turning her life around. When she could see how much it affected her own life she knew she wanted to help others accomplish the same thing.

How We'll get results

Developing a clients exercise program requires so much more than what meets the eye. Together we will assess the unrecognized needs of your body. I will target specific goals of all varieties and create a program to lead you on the path of success. From the person stepping into a gym for the first time, to someone who has trained all their life, I am here to provide progressive training sessions for anyone who walks through the door. 

Client Testimonial

"Working with Rachael is the best investment I have made in time and money. Her skill is far beyond her years and her ability to motivate and educate is a perfect combination to help me reach my goals. I highly recommend her." -Lisa Pepper-Satkin

Kat Blair, Personal Trainer

About Me

Health and wellness has been a lifelong passion for Kat, starting with youth sports and inspiring a Physiology degree from Cal. After being overweight as a child and then overcoming a struggle with body image in her late teen years, Kat is committed to helping people build a foundation of bodily awareness and respect to discover functional instinct for a better quality of life. She loves hiking, dancing, and long walks on the beach.

How We'll get results

With her prior experience in collegiate sports medicine and continued study of the human body, as well as the NASM Personal Trainer curriculum, Kat's goal is to emphasize spinal and joint stability, and then integrate full body strength to achieve comprehensive fitness that makes your life more enjoyable! In your first meeting she'll identify your goals and any corrective needs, and from there develop a customized program to accelerate progress for real results. Each session you’ll complete and take home an individualized plan that will efficiently stabilize and strengthen your body to make your life more balanced and open up physical opportunities beyond your imagination!

Client Testimonial

"Eight weeks ago I rejoined Body Kinetics after medical issues had forced me to leave years before. I used to be in great physical shape, but I knew I now needed someone in my corner to help me. My mind wanted to do what it knew I was capable of,  but my body was now in a much different place.  
I needed a personal trainer, someone who could help me navigate my way back into fitness,  without destroying myself in the process.  
Along came Kat, a young, vital, friendly trainer, who after listening to my story personalized a workout program that focused primarily on core strength and flexibility. 
Kat is very knowledgeable,  and pushes when she needs to, but also will pull back the reins if I start to get carried away. I decided to have someone to go on my journey back to fitness again, and I couldn't have found a better trainer than Kat. 
She makes every workout a complete joy, and I am so impressed with the results in my physical shape and fitness in just eight weeks. I look forward to continuing working with Kat for a long time to come. If you spend some time with her, you will understand what a special trainer she really is." -Chris Leech
"Kat's calm and gentle approach to my private workout sessions are encouraging and effective. I like that she tailored the sessions to my fitness level and goals; she pushes me just enough for me to have a good workout that I can enjoy and continue to make progress. I look forward to working out with Kat; she's always positive and non judgmental. She has been a good match for me."  -Lourdes Vargas

Debbie Abell, Creator Vitality U

What Moves Me:

Simply... Helping people. I love seeing the changes that occur in all areas of one’s life when Health and function is restored or enhanced. Pain free living is a beautiful thing. Vitality is a beautiful thing. I love being a catalyst to change.” -Debbie Abell

Moving U to Results

Integrative Wellness Coach, Movement Specialist, CPT, NASM-CES, Pilates Comprehensive Trainer, MELT 

Debbie is a Master Trainer, Educator, Coach and leader in developing Holistic Wellness Programming. Debbie specializes in corrective exercise, movement impairment, pain and performance. She blends the disciplines of sport medicine, mind body practices, Pilates, functional movement, nutrition and health and wellness coaching. Debbie has worked in the health, wellness and fitness space for over 20 years and is dedicated to the concept of longevity and thriving. 

• As a Movement Specialist… she has worked with various demographics, body types and personalities, helping her clients achieve balance and strength inside and out. 

• On Pain… she helps her clients quickly unlock the source of their pain and move into making achievable improvements that removes fear and risks of mental and physical health issues. 

• On Motivation… she creates a safe space for her clients to take small first steps that enable a source of motivation and lead to big results.

Movement U Student Testimonial

You are a miracle worker! I woke up almost pain free One session with you and my back and leg are 60% better! My leg pain is gone 100%! My back mid waist still a bit sore but 50% reduced, my arm/shoulder a tiny bit better but still pretty sore. I’m not kidding I woke up singing to myself and didn’t know why and then I realized I wasn’t in chronic pain!

Rafi Garcia, Personal Trainer

About Me

My passion and love for fitness and health came from an active lifestyle at a young age. This passion was further fueled through science courses and by competing in collegiate level sports, as I saw how maintaining physical health played an integral role in the prevention of injuries and living a healthy independent lifestyle. This led me to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Health Science & a Masters degree in Occupational Therapy to further understand the human body and its intricacies. As a licensed Occupational Therapist I have experience working with children and adults who have a variety of developmental challenges and physical disabilities including: Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD/ADD, Cerebral Palsy, Brachial Plexus Injury, gross and fine motor delays, visual-motor integration, executive functioning challenges, sensory processing challenges, and social skill challenges. I have taken continuing education courses in Therapeutic Listening, Masgutova Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration (MNRI), and Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) Approach to Feeding and recently the NASM Personal Training certification. 

How We'll Get Results

Rafi has over 5+ yrs of experience in outpatient occupational therapy services at Kidspace in San Francisco and serves as the clinic supervisor. With his understanding of reflexes, sensory systems, and human body, Rafi has helped develop individualized programs that suit all ages and levels of fitness. Rafi’s positive attitude, passion, and eagerness to improve is what motivates him to discover a variety of innovate ways to push/support individuals reach their potential and build on their strengths. 

Clients will succeed in achieving their specific fitness or weight loss goals by receiving an individualized program incorporating dynamic exercises, cardio methods, and prehabilitation techniques/movements. Rafi’s vision is to educate each individual in the most effective methods for their body to prevent injuries and build a foundation for lifelong fitness, independence and well-being.