SGT by Body Kinetics

SGT (Small Group Training) Classes offer you an affordable way to experience the benefits and motivation of a Personal Trainer. These classes are challenging, effective, safe and fun for people of all ages and athletic abilities. Our trainers use their expertise to incorporate a variety of equipment into their routines such as Keiser machines, BOSU, Suspension trainers, weights and more to help you build total body stability, strength, endurance and power. Classes are held in our Small Group Training room and support your MyZone heart monitors. Your first class is on us! Sign up at the front desk today.

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Pricing Options

Single Class

Member Rate$20

Guest Rate$27.50

4 Pack

Member Rate$72 ($8 Savings)

Guest Rate$100 ($10 Savings)

10 Pack

Member Rate$150 ($50 Savings)

Guest Rate$220 ($55 Savings)

20 Pack

Member Rate$260 ($140 Savings)

Guest Rate$350 ($200 Savings)

First class is on us!

Metabolic Meltdown Monday 9am and 6pm

  • Designed to send your calorie burn into overdrive while being coached on proper movement mechanics.
  • Optimize your fitness level while incorporating integrative movements to build muscle and improve your cardiovascular endurance. Options available for most fitness levels.
  • Get sweaty, get stronger, get ready to burn 

Mindful Fitness Fusion Monday and Wednesday 11am

  • Innovative, challenging and invigorating class open to all levels of ability 
  • Elements of resistance training, asana (yoga postures & movements), core training, interval training and functional flexibility 
  • Learn to work safely, mindfully and, at your own threshold of intensity

Build Lower Body/Build Upper Body Tuesday and Thursday 9am

  • Designed to increase your strength and build lean muscle mass while building a strong foundation and improving mobility 
  • Emphasis on mindful movement &  proper movement mechanics 
  • Options given for most fitness levels

Core & Cardio Wednesday 9am

  • Integrative and targeted strength & conditioning with an emphasis on core during the 30+ minutes of class 
  • Build your cardiovascular endurance with challenging mid to high intensity strength, power and cardio circuits to finish out the last  15-20 minutes 
  • Options available for most fitness levels 

Triple Threat Wednesday 10am

  • Multi level class is designed to challenge you in a functional way and provide a total body workout 
  • Focus will be on strength utilizing proper form and posture, cardiovascular training and core work to keep you moving through life with confidence 
  • Open to all levels of ability  

Ignite Wednesday 6pm

  • Ignite your potential and challenge your inner athlete with speed, agility, plyometric, strength and conditioning 
  • Designed to spark your metabolism and geared towards building a stronger, faster, leaner you 
  • Class is recommended for intermediate + fitness levels 

HIIT Happens Thursday 7am

  • Ultimate blend of dynamic strength and cardio 
  • Total Body workout designed to build lean muscle and increase your cardiovascular capacity
  • Options available for most fitness levels 

HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training Friday 9am and 12pm

  • Hard core, high intensity, high volume strength and conditioning workout 
  • Improve cardiovascular, stamina and strength endurance while pushing your intensity to keep your body burning calories to recovery post class 
  • Options given for most fitness levels 

Strength and Cardio Saturday 8am and 9am

  • Full Body workout with an emphasis on core strength utilizing suspension training, cables, free weights and floor work 
  • Stabilize shoulders, mobilize hips along with strengthen all aspects of the core to create a strong, functional body
  • Options given for most fitness levels 

Kendra Kelly

"Small Group Training changed my life forever! I lost 40 pounds and love my body and new healthy lifestyle."

Kendra Kelly

Ben Crockett

"SGT is a blast. Great workouts are planned every week that target all the right areas. The trainers take time to explain and correct your form. I'm in the best shape of my life and have watched my classmates transform as well. If you want a challenge and change, SGT is the place."

Ben Crockett


"Small Group Training is a fantastic way to boost your workout. It's challenging and engaging and has created noticeable gains in my strength, flexibility and endurance levels. Plus it's super fun."

Libby Rattos