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Monday 9am and 6pm

Metabolic Meltdown

This small group class is designed to send your calorie burn into overdrive – during and well after you’re done. We’ll work on strength & cardio endurance along with agility & reaction training to optimize your fitness level while incorporating integrative muscle building dynamic movements. Get ready to sweat, get faster, get stronger and get ready to burn. Options given for all fitness levels.

Monday and Wednesday 11am

Mindful Fitness Fusion

Innovative and challenging workouts, open to all levels of ability with modifications for those who need them. A dynamic and invigorating class weaving elements of resistance training, asana (yoga postures & movements), core training, interval training, and functional flexibility. You will be challenged, you will sweat, you will learn to work at your own threshold of intensity - safely and mindfully, under the guidance of an experienced and knowledgeable trainer. Suitable for all levels.

Tuesday 9am

Build - Lower Body & Core

Thursday 9am

Build - Upper Body  & Core 

Build is designed to increase your strength and build lean muscle while being coached on proper movement mechanics allowing you to lift more weight with mindful movement and optimal muscle recruitment and results. Programming will emphasize increasing your strength, stability and power while building a stronger foundation. Options given for most fitness levels. 

Tuesday 10am

Morning Power Hour

If you’re looking for that one invigorating workout that hits all your major muscle groups, strengthens your core, AND improves cardiovascular health, then you’ll love Morning Power Hour. We use all the fun stuff - bosus, suspension trainers, cables, kettlebells, etc - in a challenging but non-intimidating environment. This is a great class for all levels, as each exercise will have options tailored to your stage of fitness. You’ll walk away feeling confident, satisfied and ready to take on the rest of the day!

Wednesday 9am

Core & Cardio

This class starts with Core focused work to create stability and strength your core - abs, glutes and back using different modalities and varying intensity levels. Ending with challenging HIIT cardio circuits typically using treadmills, elliptical and rowers to improve your cardiovascular endurance.

Wednesday 10am

Triple Threat

Strength, Cardio, Core and more.  This multi-level class is designed to challenge you in a functional way and provide you with a full body workout.  Focus will be on strength utilizing proper form and posture, cardio vascular training and core work to keep you moving through live with confidence.  

Wednesday 6pm


It’s time to ignite your potential! This SGT class is designed to inspire and challenge your inner athlete with speed, agility, plyometric, reactive, strength and core training.  Get ready to ignite your metabolism, strength & potential by utilizing a variety of equipment with programming geared toward building a stronger, faster, leaner you!  Class recommended for intermediate and advanced levels. 

Friday 9:00am


The best of both worlds, this class will give you an awesome hard-core high intensity volume cardio & strength workout. This class is designed to get your heart rate in your optimal calorie burning zone during class which will keep you burning well after you’re done. We’ll shift our focus to a more isolated core circuit as part of our cooldown. Options given for all fitness levels. 

Saturday 9am

Strength & Cardio

Try this full body workout focused on core strength! We utilize suspension training, cables, free weights, and floor work to get a great full body workout, with specific exercises to stabilize the shoulder and mobilize the hips. By using this approach we strengthen all aspects of the core and create a strong, functional body ready for anything.

Sunday 8:30am

Power Hour

Strength training with a fun cardio kick & some amazing ab work.  Working to strengthen the areas that you have been missing in your routine & build your overall fitness while having fun!

First class is on us!



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